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    hi all hows things. well i guess i should tell u all a little about myself. i'm 37 a ab/dl i like dressing as a little girl at times but i ain't gay although u might call me bi as i don't mind jumping the fence every now & again but i'm definitely into girls more than guys. oh as u can tell i'm from ozzie land & i have been into nappies as long as i can remember, yes i was a bed wetter & i use to have probs through the day as well, as u would be able to guess i wore nappies until i was older. well thats just a little back ground from me hope to see a bit of chat goin on.
    bye for now.

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    Hello there; there are lots of straight guys around with a female rp persona, sissy or into forced feminization. On this site there is all kinds of variety among members, and blurring of standard definitions of sexuality. Happily we are a very accepting lot, and not terribly shocked or put off people with unusual tendencies.

    BTW It is not unheard of for guys (or girls) to like same-sex sex but not want to date same-sex people or feel romantically attracted to them. And some of them are senators.
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