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Thread: dont mind me....

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    Default dont mind me....

    hey all,

    im wannabe. im a dl on and off. dont mind me im more of a quiet background person... so dont mind me.


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    ah - so you are currently "dl on" right now I take it... /me wanders over to the background to huggle you and heads on back to the foreground

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    *look around towards the background where Raccoon went*
    Oh, there you are *gives you a cookie*

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    I think this line from one of my favorite songs would make you happy. This is from "Pritty fly for a white guy" By the Offspring.

    "The world needs wannabes
    The world loves Wannabes
    Let's get some more wannabes
    Hey, hey, do the brand new thing!"

    The world loves you and so do I. Welcome to ADISC!

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    Welcome Wannabe. You are among accepted friends. Reaches arms out wide to embrace you with a hug!

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