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    Default Hello From Germany

    Hi Im an DL from Germany and look for friends

    I use Suprima Plastic Pants with disposable Diapers

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    Guten Tag!

    Welcome to the site. There are a few fellow Germans around here, including one of our venerable admins. I've only been to your country the once myself; for a few days in Hamburg when the World Cup was on, but I definitely enjoyed it and would love to go back sometime.

    Nice to hear that you're feeling friendly but it might be a good idea to let everyone know a little more about yourself and give us a bit of an introduction as a starting point - tell us about your hobbies and interests and whatnot. It's a broad church here and you'll have no problem finding people interested in the same stuff and threads discussing it, so a good way to make friends and get on with people is to tell everyone more about yourself so they have something to go on.

    Enjoy your stay.

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    Well... I certainly see the attraction; I am fond of side-snaps myself, and the shiny/oily look is appealing. Plastic pants most certainly go with disposables: they hold everything "in" when things get heavy. I look forward to hearing your thoughts in diaper talk, as well as across all our forums. Now I am off to the Links Section to post shiny happy pix of the variety of Suprima products: which include all manner of snaps-arrangements Willkommen!

    Update: it appears out "Links" section is broken I'll wait til its up to provide the link to adult-baby-world.
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