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Thread: Wearing in Public: Your Experiences

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    Hi guys, I've just been trawling through old threads and came across a closed one that talked about people's experiences of wearing diapers in public. As it was closed, I couldn't post my experiences and many more of you would be unable to so I thought I'd start up a new thread. Feel free to share your experiences!

    Ok, I'll start. I slept at my Grandma's house last night and knowing that I was coming home alone on the bus in the morning, I packed a drynite. So when I get up the next morning, I put my drynite on under my clothes and started to walk to the supermarket to pick up a few bits a pieces. Once I had got everything I had gone to the shop for, I really started to feel the urge to pee as I hadn't already been. I decided to hold it and knew I would wet on the bus. Well I got on the bus and almost as soon as I sat down, I started to flood the drynite. At first, I didn't try to stop it because I had needed to go so badly but then I remembered that I wasn't wearing a proper diaper, just a drynite. so I managed to stem the flow pretty soon and decided to wait a little longer before wetting again. As we got to a bus stop, I decided to use the time the bus was stationery to have another pee and as I had just started, an old granny sat next to me which made me jump and release more pee than I had first intended. I could feel the diaper getting full and as I squeezed my legs together to allow the old lady more room, I could feel the fresh pee seeping out of the diaper and onto the seat. Now I was scared. I had worn and wet in public before but never had a leaking situation. I decided to stop peeing promptly and I knew my stop wasn't far away, so I pulled my coat on and made sure it covered some of the big wet patch that had formed. As we arrived at my stop, I got up from the seat at the last second before the bus' doors opened so as not to get noticed waiting around. Once I had got off the bus and was walking home, I glanced inside the bus window and saw the old granny that was sitting next to me pointing in horror at the seat I had been sitting in. I immediately started walking in the other direction of the bus until it had rounded the corner at which point I made a dash for my house.
    This was an interesting experience but one that I hope not to repeat
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    I've never had a bad experience wearing in public, (but I've only wet maybe twice) my wife doesn't know how I do it becuase she seems to think that everyone is completely aware that I have a diaper on. I constantly have to explain to her that she only thinks that because SHE is aware that I have a diaper on and if she didn't know I was wearing she wouldn't be concerned. I've proved it to her before by wearing without her knowing and at the end of the day letting her know that I had a diaper on the whole time and even she didn't know it.

    Any way I've only wet once in public and it went well because it was a Bambino and I was so nervous that I could only wet a little at a time. So no worries about leaking because I wasn't flooding the diaper at all, other than that I wear almost daily.

    I think the more aware you are of your diapers the more you can bring attention to them and the less you think about it the less you have to worry about. It's scary at first but the quicker you stop worrying that everyone knows you have a diaper on the more relaxed you'll be about wearing them in public. Sometimes when it's really quiet even I can hear my diaper crinckling but the chances that someone is going to come to the conclusion that 'hey, that guy has a diaper on,' is slim to none.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I haven't had any bad diaper experiences either. Of course part of that is staying away from crummy brands that are likely to leak.

    On the other hand, I also don't do exhibitionism either. For example, I always wear diapers *underneath* my clothes! I wear age-appropriate clothing outdoors too.

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    I wear all the time in public right under my shorts, not a big deal!

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    I've never had problems. As others have said people are usually pretty civil so even if they notice they won't say anything, more than likely a kid would do something like that. Also I really don't believe people have noticed nor do they really care I would think. Men hate briefs for the most part but do you think they're really checking to see who wears them?

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    The most public situation I've ever worn was when I was cutting the lawn (and of course it was under my shorts.)
    Though one of those times, one of my mom's friend did drop by while I was still in the front yard so I wasn't without a little bit of nervousness. The weird thing was I didn't recognize her but she did look familiar to me. Turns out my mom worked with her and I had never met her before but the lady did sorta look like a babysitter I had a long time ago. I saw the woman later that day at my college graduation (obviously my mom had invited her) but I wasn't wearing at that time.
    So yeah, that's about it.

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    My wife and I went to a movie tonight and I wore an Abri-flex pull-on and G-diaper as an insert with Babykins thin guage plastic panties. Very quiet and discrete under my shorts and polo shirt.

    Right before the movie started (Julie-Julia) I went in the restroom and urinated in the normal way and then once the movie was underway I was able to remain in the theater for the duration, wetting my diaper once with no leakage.


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    I wear in public maybe 3 times a week. I drink as much water as I can while at work (only for the last 2 hours) and then change into an x-plus on my way to the train station. aI always make sure I only drink water if I do this so that it doesnt smell, and also, if i get a leak, it's really only water and won't stain anything.

    I'll be doing this tonight... have an x-plus in my bag right now!!!

    The first time I wet in public, I was soooo nervous that despite having drank 3 litres of water and realllllly needing to pee, I couldn't.. and felt really sick because of it. As soon as I got off the train and was alone, it flowed freely. I had a big coat on so decided to get some food from the grocery store, and no one was any the wiser.

    It's gotten much easier since, and I feel just as comfortable peeing in public as i do at home

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    I wore once in public, and it was fine. I didn't use the diaper in public, however.

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    I enjoy wearing in public. My wife knows I do, and sometimes she can tell and sometimes not. Its kinda fun when she catches me and swats my butt to let me know ('I expected a poof of baby powder' she jokes). She went through a phase where it bugged her alot, but she seems to be past it. I'm glad she has a sense of humor about it. Regardless, I respect her sensitivities and stay as discreet as possible.

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