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    Burning Man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Burning Man is a massive counter culture movement (literaly; 30 000 people show up and live in a tent city for a week) that takes place every year from the last weekend in august to labour day. And they burn the giant man on the saturday before labour day, in case you were wondering. It's pretty much over by today. I'd like to go some time. But till I get the chance to go I've been studying up on it and stuff.

    What does this have to do with ABs? Well, every Rock City that is built every year has a number of theme villages. Some theme villages are just bars handing out free absinthe, and art schools, and medditation camps and stuff. One of the themed villages this year was called "Adult SuperVision" which is pretty much like it sounds.

    Whether you're a baby, a school kid or a full-grown rule-breaker, Adult Supervision is what you need! Come party in the Bass Crib or take a licking at the Spanking Station; after school punch and diapers are available.
    Sounds fun. Now just imagine a thousand people setting up shop there.


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    That actually sounds like a lot of fun. I'll be sure to look for one next year... unless I forget.

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    OMG DUDE!!!! I SHOULDA GONE!!! lol. tickets r just so much though. I live in Nevada.

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