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Thread: Best way to deal with the smell?

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    Default Best way to deal with the smell?

    No matter how many times I try and bag them the smell manages to seep through :/ Any tips? Any store bought items that can help get rid of the smell?

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    diaper genie?

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    I usually put my diapers in two grocery bags and tie it...

    It seems to work well.


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    well i have found a solution that works well for me. throwing them out in a timely fashion it always a good idea and .. probably the best. for me though I tend to get into diapers for a week then tend to loose interest for a while then once again back into it.

    I looked at the available diaper pails the diaper genie is expensive and just too small for adult diapers i found a diaper pail that is made by the brand costco .. not to be confused with the wholesale store. there not only the biggest ive found but the cheapest roughly 12-18 bux you can find them in the baby isle at k-art and wal mart. they are rectangular and white with a blue top. they even have a compartment for an air freshener in the lid although i could never find the proper air freshener that fits they do a good job of keeping the smell in without one., all you need is a standard white trash bag, put it in and snap the lid on then you just open the flap insert youre dirty diaper and thats it. I have had them sit in the thing for two weeks with out the smell escaping. once you take the lid off to change the trash bag you will notice a horrific smell that has accumulated. just throw the bag out and put a new one in and youre good to go.

    also i have found scented bags for disposal of adult diapers in the adult diaper isle of walmart .. i forget the exact name but there in with the adult cleansing wipes. if i have a messy diaper i usually put the diaper in one of those bags then put it in the diaper pail. ... hope this helps!

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    Just wrap up the bag tightly or dispose of them immediately. Those are the cheapest (and, to me, best and most efficient) ways of getting rid of evidence. If you're paranoid like me, take the trash out and throw it in the same bin after you toss 'em in there.

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    I forgot what they're called but I believe you can get plastic bags made for diaper, which stop the smell.

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    Nappy sacks work for me. Grocery bags have those small holes in for safety, because kids put them on their head or something. But nappy sacks or small bin bags for that matter, have no holes. Nappy sacks are often scented too, but with some, I think the scent is worse than the nappy smell!! Double bagging helps, especially if you put the tied end downwards in the second bag. But the main thing is getting them thrown away, as soon as possible.

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    Buy some really cheap cologne or perfume and apply generously to the diaper before putting it into the bag. Then dispose the diaper ASAP. Also for messed diapers, I've found that coating the turds with some baby powder helps to stop their unrelenting flavors. If you absolutely can't get rid of the diapers right away, get a fan and keep the room they're stashed in well ventilated until you can dispose of them.

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