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Thread: The common cold: A debilitating illness!

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    Default The common cold: A debilitating illness!

    Well, I've got it. I got sent home from work before lunchtime today because I was being so useless. I was dosed up to the nines on lemsip and cough sweets all to no avail.

    My question: what old wives tales have you heard that cure the common or garden cold? Do you know if any of them have an origin in fact? Have you tried it?

    My grandmother always made me drink lemonade with the fizz mixed out of it, and a drop off salt added - to keep me hydrated. I can understand this if I were being sick and needed rehydrating, but she forced this salty concoction down my throat for even the sniffles.

    (Any sympathy for my bed-ridden self also welcome)

    (Also - who the hell gets summer colds these days anyway?!)

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    Summer colds are always the worst. At least in the winter time, if you are trapped inside its no great loss.

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    Like Mary said, eat homemade chicken soup. Something in it Drink plenty of water and orange juice, and get lots of rest. Lots and lots of rest.

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    My cure is white tea with a splash of lemon. The tea has these wonderful things called catechins in it, as well as immune-system-aiding properties, and the lemon has good old vitamin C in it. The first day I'm sick I'll drink several (four or five) cups of that throughout the day between glasses of water. Good stuff, and I'm never sick longer than a day or two.

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    i magically get sick all the time
    one minute ill be fine and then an other ill feel horrible

    hmmmmmmmmm...distractions are not a cure, but good. The less you think abuot how bad you feel the less you feel it.

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    Every year for the past 5 years, I've always gotten a cold on Labor Day weekend. Not this year, so hopefully I won't jinx it.

    Lemons. They are an incredible fruit. Hundreds of medicinal uses, with their vitamin C and other crap. They'll pretty much cure anything you've got. Cut up a lemon wedge, and squeeze it into a tall glass of cold water. Mix, drink, and enjoy.

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    common cold....with lemons

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    If you are congested in your nasal passage, the best thing in the world you can do is take a hot shower and breath in the steam. Or, fill up the sink with hot water and put a towel over your head and lean over it. It will break all that junk apart.

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    oh and idk why this works but i learned it in grade school! I tell my friends to do it when they are sick and they are always like omg thats awesome. If your nose is stuffy, elevate your head on like two pillows while lieing down, for some reason it makes it so you can breath again.

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