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Thread: Hello, I'm a new member.

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    Default Hello, I'm a new member.

    I'm am a 50 yo straight single man from San Diego. I am an Adult Toddler. I hope I say enough here, and don't say too much. As a life long sleep wetter I have remained close to my “inner child” and after decades of shame and secrecy (including 4 years in the USAF!), I finally learned from therapists to accept and to self-nurture that innocent, harmless part of me. I have even learned to love my thumb and pacifiers. I am not a 24/7 helpless Adult Infant or even Adult Baby needing frequent and sometimes poopy diaper changes, endless laundry, feeding chores. etc. al. Instead, as an Adult Toddler, I do about 98% of the real diaper related work. I do, however, look forward to a few minutes of help fastening my night diaper and taking off my wet morning diaper, and hearing cooing and loving baby talk from my partner when we are intimate. I do really enjoy those secondary dimensions of occasional but unconditional caretaker-child intimacy, and I can understand and relate to the more intense Adult Baby and Diaper Lover emotions but I still want to have my primary adult-adult love and intimacy, and a more balanced responsibility for satisfying my partner's needs for nurturing, unconditional love. Thank you for reading this introduction and I hope to get to know some of you. Gerby

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    1. Thank you for your service.

    2. Welcome to the site. Stick around, and don't be afraid to ask any questions.

    3. What is your life like outside the diapers? Other hobbies/interests?

    Thanks, and welcome again.

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