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Thread: Using A Post Office Box (USA)

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    Default Using A Post Office Box (USA)

    Hi, I am looking for any information on this topic. I'm currently debating getting a post office box at a post office a couple towns away so that i can order diapers and stuff on line and have them shipped to the box. This way i can discretely pick them up with out my parents knowing. I'm wondering if any one has done this, and if they would recommend doing it? Also I'm pretty sure you can't have any thing shipped ups or fed ex to a p.o. box so I'm guessing you would have to have it shipped priority mail or something. Has any one had any hassles with online companies shipping to a p.o. box?
    Oh and what size of p.o. box do you need, i mean I'm pretty sure they don't have any big enough to fit a case of diapers. If the package doesn't fit in your p.o. box do they hold it behind the counter or something?
    Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you for your time

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    Only problem with P.O. Box deliveries, as you mentioned, is that the package has to be sent via the mails. UPS, FedEx and other couriers won't deliver to PO Box addresses. As long as you have a choice of shipping method where you're making the purchase, which includes any class of mail, it will work out OK. You're correct, if the item won't fit the box (the cheaper boxes are pretty small) they hold it in the back and put a slip in your box letting you know there's a parcel for you to pick up at the service window.


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    you can have a regular little box, they will put a card in it and store the package in back

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyemo View Post
    you can have a regular little box, they will put a card in it and store the package in back
    Yes, you can do with just the smallest (cheapest) box that's available. Sometimes the smallest ones aren't available if the PO is a busy one, so you might have to get the next size up. It's been several years ago since I had one so I'm not exactly sure what the monthly prices are.


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    A lot of places online will not deliver to a post office box. You might wanna check into where you're planning to shop and where they will ship, before you go to the expense of getting a post office box.

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    I rent a PO Box mainly because I live with others and I don't want any financial info coming to the house I live in. So with that in mind, following up on what the others have mentioned. Yes, rent the PO box. Rates vary to the size of the city. Rural PO Boxes are cheaper then "city" boxes. The bigger the box, the more it will cost. If an item arrives to the box and won't fit, it will be held for pickup. Some PO's have extra large boxes and instead will leave a special key for you. Once you open this separate box the key can't be removed normally. When you go to get the PO box, make sure you have 2 forms of ID, including an ID that has your current address on it. Check the USPS website for more info about what kinds of ID they will accept. I know that xpmedical will ship to PO boxes. Besides the issue of not shipping to PO boxes, you also want to make sure where you are shopping will accept separate billing and shipping addresses. All don't. Or there is the fact that your PO box isn't an address on the Credit card. I solve this by having ONLY my PO box on my CC that I use for this type of online shopping.

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    oh oh oh! I do this every time!
    k so
    1. Get po box (the prices very in different areas, near me theyre about $75 a year)
    2. Size (doesnt really matter, as they will give you a package slip to pick your diapers at the counter)
    3.shipping (yes the horribly expensive priority )

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    Oh, and for those wondering you can get a PO Box at 16. I asked the other day, lady didn't even know...

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    USPS shipping is damn expensive compared to standard fedex at XPmedical. Better idea would be to get a box over at the UPS store or a place like that or just ask if you can have an item delivered there for you to pick up later.

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