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Thread: Lurker No More!

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    Default Lurker No More!

    I've been off this site for a little bit but I think I'm going to start roleplaying here!

    You all can call me kittie and I know some people still know me. I'm now 20 years old, sadly, and I'm in college for Game and Simulation programming.

    I'm mostly a lesbian, I like to say 98% lesbian and 2% bi. I have a wonderful girlfriend right now who doesn't mind my babyness but I'm still a little worried.

    Anyways, I'm back and I hope to make some more friends!

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    I remember you!

    Welcome back! *huggles the cute person*

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    O.O What cute person?? [pouts] you should hug me!

    And thanks lol I remember you too.

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    :tongue: Very funny.

    Yeah, I'm pretty rememberable. ^_^

    So. What kind of roleplaying?

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    Well I just joined the Teen Nursery School one [giggles] I don't roleplay much but I hope it'll be fun.

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    Roleplaying is always fun, with the right people. ^_^

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    lack of stuff to say...

    Oh! I never got around to telling you that I loved your avi.

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    Thanks! It's a great anime [nods] Very cute

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    Hiya! ^^

    Nice to re-meet you... for the first time :3

    I ish mostly les too ^^

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