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Thread: The epitome of a 'Shameless, Negative-Image' DL.

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    Default The epitome of a 'Shameless, Negative-Image' DL.

    Although I'm a person who usually just shakes his head and has very few words for those certain people who go public with the fetish, particularly if it gives us a bad wrap, but I'm going to make an exception here.

    On a another message board I go to, someone made a thread which linked to this video:


    (^my reaction)

    I don't know about you, but I feel so dirty and violated just for having watched that. I completely understand that the video isn't exclusively DL-related, but it undoubtedly has that element to it. Which is why I decided to bring it up here.

    Look, I don't care if you want to call yourself a fag, or if you want to wear a pink shirt and I really don't care if you're into a submissive fetish, but god damn... don't film it and put it up on YouTube, or anywhere else where the public can view it!

    I can't say anything new that hasn't been said in the slew of other threads on this matter, other than that there comes a point in which diminished mental capacity takes control. What other reason is there for something like this?

    I'm not going to ask why someone feels the need to act in this manner, my biggest concern is why must they advertise it? Do people really lack any sense of shame or integrity?

    I just can't wrap my head around it. Your thoughts?

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    I watched 5 seconds of it and I was just like "No..." So I paused it and looked at the comments, I liked these and I don't want to put these peoples usernames on here so i'm just using inishals.

    *Video Loads*
    *Old Man In Diaper*
    *Pause Video*
    Not TODAY Internet.

    I will never have an erection again. Dear fucking lord.

    And lots of "lol wut?"

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    I can understand making the video because it was requested of him, but damn...keep that stuff on an adult only website like the one that he mentioned.

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    Since it appears that watching the video will apparently warp our minds into some sort of babbling, insane, Joker-esque character, can someone just explain what the video consists of?

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    Quote Originally Posted by satyrical View Post
    Since it appears that watching the video will apparently warp our minds into some sort of babbling, insane, Joker-esque character, can someone just explain what the video consists of?
    70 yr old man in a pink Hello Kitty shirt and pull up doing weird stuff.

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    I'm sorry - that was freaking hilarious.

    Bad for ABness, but just freaking hilarious. Heck, I thought somebody paid the guy to do that, if I didn't know better already

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    I lol'd. You can't make this shit up. He's probably into humiliation too and his mistress knew this, thus making him upload it on youtube

    INB4DELETION of video.

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    I get seeking humiliation at the hands of a stern mistress, or master; even public humiliation. But not anonymous humiliation on the net. Not even if mistress is online.

    Frankly, I keep away from mirrors. I don't want to see myself looking ridiculous; and that would include being ridden like a pony, being used as an footstool, being spanked, or yiffing all suited up, even creeping through a window in ninja garb; not that any/all of the above are my "thing."

    This video has no tone of humiliation to it, no dark lighting, no body language, no submissive tone of voice, and no effort put into the furniture, camera work, and least of all the costuming. We already have the question of whether it should have been posted at all. Even if it should, the least we could have asked is that it had been done well.

    The amateurishness of the performance was more humiliating than the fetishism, and undercuts the sentiment behind the performance.
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