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    I'm considering moving out and I've got a roommate to do it with! Woo! I'm excited. The plan is within 3-4 months to move out. Gosh, I hope I can afford it ;_;, i'm old already (gonna be 21) and I need to move out!

    Any tips? I'm going to start saving moneyy..

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    It is very expensive living on your own, you need to budget everything and do not spend money on stupid things.

    If you need things start buying them now, when I moved into my first place way back in the 70's it cost me about 1500 for just the necessitys, take whatever someone wants to give you like dishes, towels, microwaves etc, and it will be easyer.

    If you have a decent income figure out how much you can afford to save each month or week, and fathfully put it away if you have like a 6 month reserve you can get by if you have trouble.

    Good Luck I wish you well on your big move, btw you love being on your own, it's a little lonely at times but you ill get over it.

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    Hey, good for you! Moving out of your parent's place is great. You'll get what I mean when it's done.

    It doesn't have to be expensive either. A roommate will help getting rid of a lot of the rent. When it comes to furniture (if you can't get any for free) try second hand stuff or even a flea market. You'd be surprised how much cool retro furniture you can get for next to nothing. Food wise you can also be pretty cheap and still get all the nutrients you need. When I've been in a tight spot I usually just cut out the meat. A vegetarian cook book is a good investment.

    With some smart shopping I didn't spend more than $300 on stuff I needed and about $250 on food the first month. That's split between me and my old roommate by the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonBB View Post
    I'm considering moving out and I've got a roommate to do it with! Woo! I'm excited. The plan is within 3-4 months to move out. Gosh, I hope I can afford it ;_;, i'm old already (gonna be 21) and I need to move out!

    Any tips? I'm going to start saving moneyy..
    Good on you!

    Moving out is a happy time for everyone--you're growing up.

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    I've just recently moved out, I'm 17 and I've moved nearly 150 miles away from my parents!!

    I was lucky though, they're fully supportive and have helped me with money and things because I've moved for educational purposes.

    Although, it costs a FORTUNE and I honestly mean a SMALL fortune - You have to buy EVERYTHING, it's actually quiet unreal how much things cost.. I must have spent well over 1000 on new stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonBB View Post
    i'm old already (gonna be 21)
    Oh, come on! You're only in your 20s. That's not old. Sorry though... I'm not meaning to attack you. It's just sad to hear people say that so much. I swear someone says it everyday. It's like it's being rubbed in your face or something.

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    I'm gonna be moving out soon - well for 3/4s of a year. I'm going to University soon and I'm going to have to move to live close enough. I'm going to be in student accommodation for the first year though. I'm not gonna have as many problems - after all I get money from my student loan and my parents have decided to pay the rent for me. Stiil gonna be away from them most of the time and that'll be great.

    I hope it all goes well for you and that you find some great bargains.

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    I think one of the key thing you can do is start gathering everything you will need. A lot of it you could get for free just by asking around. Everything from tableware, small kitchen appliances, towels furniture, etc. You could spent thousands of dollars if you buy the basic new. Start with your own house. Did your parents at some point replace pots, pans, silverware, plates, towels and other household items and just put the old stuff in a box in the garage or other storage area? Check with friends or craigslist under "free stuff." Moving out is WAY more expensive than you can imagine.

    I started gathering and boxing up items 6 months before I moved out. Luckily I was the oldest and moved out first so I snagged all of my families old stuff.

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    Moving out doesn't have to be expensive, but you might need to sacrifice some things.

    There's a certain scale of economy when you're buying and cooking food for several people than just one or two, and the same applies with bills such as electricity and gas.

    My 2 biggest tips for moving out are:

    1. If your bills are not monthly, then put some money aside each month for them. It's easier to find $50 a month for electricity than it is to find $150 every three months.

    2. Pay a couple of weeks rent in advance. All the places I've lived have had a requirement to be 2 weeks in front at all times.. but if you can save up a bit of extra cash now, then see if you can't pay a month or 6 weeks in advance. The advantage that this has is that if you miss a payment or if you have an un-expected big expense such as a car repair, then you can skip that one payment without any repercussions!

    Other than that, it's all good. Enjoy your freedom!


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    Default Moving Out - a topic worthy of a WIKI

    Congratulations, JonBB on your upcoming independence!

    Because ADISC is a support site, and many of its members are teens when they join, this is another one of those significant life skills events that would warrant an extensive WIKI article in the ADISC WIKI. If you do a search of "moving out" you will find numerous threads (all with some excellent advice). I'll copy my post from Valerye's "moving out" thread:

    Moving out!
    Glad to hear it Valerye, Most 17 year olds don't have $1000 a month at their disposal, even if you are careful, it will go quick. With good budgeting and realistic (humble) expectations you should be able to swing this.

    The only hang up is you would be under age of consent in my state (to sign a contract, read: rent a house or apartment) unless you are an emancipated minor.

    You'll need to find a place for around $350 with all utilities included. This may be extremely difficult even in this economy. You may need to rent a room with house (kitchen, bathroom, and living room) priviledges. This could be more difficult than living in your own family home, due to differences in lifestyle, expectations and rules. Renting a room, particicularly if it does not have a lockable outside entry door can cause tension in coming and going at odd hours. Most room letting landlords would prefer in and quiet by 10:00PM. You'll want to purchase and install a seperate locking door set ($25) for the door to the room and you will want to keep the key, for privacy and security of your things.

    Rent an apartment and every deadbeat (male or female) will want to move in or hang out there and totally mooch off you. 80% of evictions of young adults are caused by people other than the one paying the bills creating hassles. Police involvement due to disturbing the peace, fights, alcohol and drug busts all arise and are ultimately the renters responsibility. Bummer.

    If you rent a place with other people (Share the expenses) make sure everyone has an equal share of the costs, rent, damage deposit, plus $100 each up front for the first months utilities. Do not sign up for a cell phone contract use a land line. If you have a landline phone make it long distance restricted ($3.00 extra @ month). Each person will need to purchase prepaid calling cards for their own use.


    NO GRACE PERIOD - AT END OF FIRST MONTH, IF THEY DON"T HAVE THEIR $$$ SHARE FOR THE NEXT MONTHS RENT AND UTILITIES, KICK THEM OUT (Put their shit on the side walk or the street and change out the locks). I know it's harsh but people will freeload and rip you off, it's a reality, you must be intolerant or you will be burned. MORE LATER

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