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Thread: nuk teeth safety query

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    Default nuk teeth safety query

    Hi everyone.

    I've been a little worried about my teeth over the last couple of months. I haven't really noticed any change, but I've heard before that pacifiers can un-line your teeth... and I can't find any way to verify it.

    I just keep having this horrible vision of the dentist saying my teeth have gotten crooked and asking what I did.... *shudders*

    So my basic question is... Do nuk 5's damage or make your teeth crooked?

    Thanks in advance,

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    They can cause your teeth to loose their shape, especially if you have undergone corrective treatment. But this really only occurs in over-use of pacifiers

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    define overuse please ^

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    I would also like to know how much over-use is. Is 2-3 times a month too much?

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    (1) I don't know how much 'over-use' is.

    (2) It should be made clear that simply having a pacifier in your mouth, even constantly, will not do anything to your teeth.

    -- It's the sucking motion that can force your teeth to shift. It's the constant drag of a pacifier in active use that can ruin your teeth. If you're only holding it in your mouth, without sucking fairly hard, nothing is going to happen to you.

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    Thanks Kitten, Street, and Mesmerale. I appreciate the advice and input.

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    I've heard many things. Some say that the deformation is only a problem in children, and by the time you're an adult, your teeth are so firmly fixed that they are unlikely to move (save for wisdom teeth). You'd have to be putting pressure on them 24/7, like braces do to see anything.

    But I'm not really sure.

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    An adults teeth are quite firmly lodged in their head. Incomplete Dude is right, I've had braces and even using a pacifier won't move things around. It occasionally acts like a pseudo-retainer with heavy use but in a couple hours they spring back.

    For me my paci use just happens to do the same as my retainer just not as well. My teeth always move around because they want to return to the screwed up position like before my braces.

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    I had one, sucked on it for about a hour, and my front teeth hurt so freakin bad the next day!!! That was the only time I used it. I think that it wasnt big enough (I got a big mouth ) as it didnt go back far enough, so I think I was sucking to hard on it
    if only they would come out with a nuk 10 (well, maybe my mouth isnt that big)

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    I think the teeth deformities have a lot more to do with little kids being given one 24/7...of course not knowing better themselves and until it really starts to hurt which it doesn't since the mouth is not as sensitive as an adult's mouth is really where the problems start. I have no personal experience to add myself though. It seems common though to have soreness like that racer. I'd attribute it to trying to chew on really tough/overcooked food...your teeth and mouth might be sore after that. It's something I'd at least keep an eye on if the pain persists and if you didn't have a nuk5 to try one of those instead.

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