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Thread: My avatar...

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    Question My avatar...

    Anyone who knows what it is gets a cookie. Any takers?

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    Eh, close enough. Kubuntu actually. KDE owns the known universe.

    Just trying to weed out us cool people

    I hope you like oatmeal raisin...

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    Weed out the cool people? No need to. They are all 'ere.

    You got:
    Avery, Dash, Kevinjte, Monkey, Charlie F, Martin, Moo, Peachy, Kraiden, Spirit, Mandi, Yamonth, Kite, Ecplise etc etc etc

    Everyone is cool here.

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    *prefers Gnome over KDE*

    Yea I knew what that was from.

    Yay, I'm cool.

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    Yeah, ubuntu symbol + KDE colors / gears = kubuntu symbol. Anyway, I have to go with KDE myself. Though, I'm using Arch right now.

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    I was going to guess KDE at first... but then I saw the ubuntu logo behind it.

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    I would think the concentration of Linux enlightened people here is statistically impossible. Any reason?

    Cool beans. Although as far as distros go, Gentoo owns the known universe

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    Dunno. I've been using Linux as my primary OS for about 4 years now. It seems though that *ubuntu is doing a good job at bringing Linux to the masses. My first distro was Slack. I love slack, but it's a pain to keep up to date.

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    I'm not really a fan of Gentoo - it's a perfect example of a diminishing return.
    Is the extra 0.002 nanoseconds of performance boost when you load an app worth the fact that it takes 12 hours to install/update that same app?

    I just dunno..

    Gnome is love.

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