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    I'm new to this and just discovered there are others who shared my interest. I've had internet forever and never thought to look!

    Little lill

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    Maybe you should tell us a little bit about yourself so we can get to know you, eh?

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    T'would be rather nice to know a little more about you, other than the fact you aparrently share interests with the community(Perhaps you should read the stickies at the top of the Greetings/Introductions Index)

    Welcome nonetheless, hope you have enjoy the community, here's a large list of people to avoid:

    I know, shocking, noone here to avoid really :P

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    Welcome. You're not alone, there are millions of us all over the world


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    yes, things have exploded over the last 20 years. That said, there is a wide range of exactly how diaper-fanciers enjoy their chosen wear: whether it is a turn-on or provides other kinds of pleasurable feelings; whether humiliation (including feminization) is part of it; whether or not age-play is part of it; whether furriness is involved, or even other role-playing; not to mention one's choice of usage of the item, its material, color, and so on.

    Just, please, not to be surprised when others enjoy the same KIND of thing but not in exactly the same way.

    That said, while this sort of topic is certainly part of ADISC we are more of a community than some other sites which are more like a random aggregation of people with a single common interest; we are interested in your other sides too, and many topics here are centered around all the other aspects to you, your politics, taste in music, and so on.

    Some car clubs may only involve discussion of cars; we would be more like the ones who do discuss upholstery techniques or the latest thing seen rusting in a barn; but go on to ask about the wife and kids or who looks good to make it to the Superbowl.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy this site and can contribute to this site for the future. Any interests or hobbies to share?

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    Thanks for the warm welcome. Her's a little about myself without revealing too much. I'm 35 and married with no children. I live in the Northwest and teach at a university.

    My interests are basically limited to diapers, so it looks like I'm a DL. I had a few experiences as a child that I think contributed to my interest and as I was growing up I would go through periods when the feelings were strong -- mostly when I was experiencing stress.

    I went to a therapist this year to discuss this and she was non-judgmental and invited me to see if finding some diapers and wearing them might help me figure out what was going on. I shared this with my wife and she was open to helping me with that side of me. She was even willing to buy them for me since she knew I would be far more nervous about it.

    That was about 6 months ago and while the desire to wear a diaper hasn't gone away it also hasn't grown or become an obsession, which is something I worried about.

    During the summer I found this web site after deciding to look around on the web to see if others shared this need and as gus points out, I found that there are a lot of us.

    Glad to see a healthy community to discuss this. I'm guessing I will often get too busy to participate a lot, but I look forward to being a part of your group.

    Thanks again for the welcome!


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    Excellent, well written post that says quite a bit about you. You approach with the therapist and your wife (and her approach to the subject) strike me as sensible. I would guess you already understand that a kinkiness (or however you wish to view your interest) is not unhealthy in and of itself; but becomes a disorder when it mucks up other parts of one's life; you seem to have this well in hand.

    I was "obsessed" age 5 or 6 onwards, with increase in frequency and intensity of obsessive thoughts from puberty onwards, the intensity of the obsession did not keep increasing: it peaked and stayed there. So I suspect you will not see your interest go beyond where its present state.

    Speaking from my own experience, I find having an outlet helps reduce the degree of obsession, if one chooses to call it obsession. (I am hesitant to use the word, because of its pejorative overtones. "Deep and constant interest or desire" might be a better way to refer to it. I have an obsessive personality anyway, so I tend to have phases of going "all out" when something is on my mind.

    Anyway, you came to the right place, here; your wife or therapist might find this site worth exploring, to get a handle on the role of diapers among our different members. Stated briefly (har har) we all get pleasurable feelings from wearing, thinking about wearing, seeing others wearing, or involving them in imaginative role-play, including (possibly exclusively) within a context of being "furry." Said feelings may or may not be sexual arousal; many state they feel secure, and reassured, or a combination. I am DL also: ageplay is not part of my imaginary play, though it was for a time; same with sissy fantasies or punishment scenarios. We have a large portion of gays, but also asexuals (with no arousal at all), asexuals turned on by fetish-objects but not humans, and all manner of other orientations, including straight, bi, and transgendered self views as straight or gay. So wherever you fit on the map you will find others with a different take on the issue. All this can mean it is confusing when trying to pin down exactly your own feelings; and not enjoying diapers exactly the same way as everyone else is healthy.

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    Thanks for the great post about yourself, Lill! You've definitely come to the right place, since, in my opinion, this is the best *B/DL site out there!

    You seem to have a nice handle on your DL-ism, like Raccoon has said. He keeps on getting more and more awesome with each post! As long as it's not taking over your life, you're keeping it healthy! Your therapist and wife both get brownie points too for being understanding and non-judgmental.

    Take care, and have fun on this site!


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