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Thread: Maryland Renaissance Festival!!!

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    Default Maryland Renaissance Festival!!!

    Maryland Renaissance Festival

    Will anybody on here be attending at all? It's basically one of my favorite things to do ever. For real :P

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    I'm going to a renaissance festival tomarrow, but it's not in maryland.

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    I'll likely be going, Magic. What day are you intending to go? It's one of my favorite places to visit -- I absolutely love the ridiculous festivities!

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    I have no idea yet, but I am ridiculously excited for it
    I'm hoping this year to get some attire to go with the top hat I got last year from there :P

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    I will be going to a different one hopefully, unless it ends up as yet another screwed up plan. About four things I wanted to do last week never actually happened. -_- But anyway, I did go to a Renaissance festival the past two years, so I hope to go again.

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    I probably won't go. I'm not really into that type of thing.

    PS. for some reason i just got a craving for hush puppies.

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    Well, I just got back from my renaissance fair. It was a lot of fun. Me and my brother are really into leather working, and we saw so many crazy high priced leather things that looked like we could make! We've got so many projects planned now. It was a blast.

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