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Thread: Rant about Games

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    Default Rant about Games

    Screw Sony, Screw Square, fuck the PS3 and fuck the PSP.

    All I wanted was to play the following games :

    Crisis Core
    Disgaia 3

    Buuuuttttt NOOOO Sony have to be faggoty about it and make them all exclusives , and they wonder why people pirate games .

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    yeah. An lets bash Xbox for the game the own the rights to. An dont forget about the Wii

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    i just hate exclusive games , cause we all cant afford all the systems

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    Two words abreviated to one acronym: PC. (And I don't mean the muscle in your groin area.)

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    Sorry if i sounded overly upset...heres the thing...i keep seeing and hearing people talke about how fun Dissidia is...and i see the ads on tv..and its makes me feel like a dog that someone is taunting with a steak.

    I felt think if they make Good games for one system they should have to make a good game for the DS.

    And lately the DS has got crap for games ...kiddy games, girly games...but no real Fun games

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    Yeah, dissidia? It's AMAZING. Seriously. Get a PSP, just for that. Now. You won't be dissapointed. =) And don't give me that, "They should make it for the system I own because I don't own the other one!" stuff. That's ridiculous, from a "you're not thinking about what you're staying" standpoint. Can you even begin to understand all the work that would need to be done to port that over? I highly doubt it'd be cost effective to the company, and that's the goal: profit. Plus, I'm not sure, but I do doubt that the DS would be able to hold all of Dissidia's data on one of those little cartridges it uses. And, I don't think the DS has enough power to run something like Dissidia. Not to mention, its' screen is wayyyy smaller so you'd go blind trying to play it and it'd look like crap, it would have this utterly useless extra screen [This particular game was made without use for it, and it's perfect without it.] Either way, I'm sooo glad they didn't release this on the DS... It would have been like ripping half of the fun out of it, due to how much it would be most likely stripped down and underpowered, due to hardware limitations.

    And as to not being able to afford all systems: There's the thing. Video games? They're a luxury. As in, "Don't NEED them." Therefore, if you want a game, and it's only on one system for whatever reason, you buy that system. If you can't afford that system, you save up and get that system, if it's worth it to you. If you can't afford to get said system, even with saving up, we now have a predicament. Here's where you make the choice of not getting said system, or being a 'Good Little Consumer' and going out and spend the time you would spend playing video games, working, to buy the product you wish to obtain, through monetary return for work exerted. I'm not saying if you want video games or if you play video games, you have automatically MUST have no job, or that you shouldn't play video games. Not the case at all. I'm saying all consoles are different, especially as to the hardware, and therefore all consoles are going to have different games. And, in this, if you want a certain game, and it's on a console you don't happen to have, you decide whether it's worth it to get said console through whatever means you choose. That's the way the market works.

    I will agree with you that the DS doesn't have too many good games lately, and that many are in fact kids' games. That's because the DS is generally a kid's system. Just like all Nintendo systems, in my opinion.

    You want a system when you're 7-10? Here's a DS/Gamecube/Wii. You want a system when you're a teen and need a good middle of the road either-way gameplay system? Here's a PS2/PSP/PS3[but the PS3's more further away from the kids' area than other Sony consoles, leaning more towards the 'lots of violent and cool games' side.]. You want a system whose entire good game lineup consists of mainly that lovely 'M' rating? Here's a 360. I'm not saying there are NO EXCEPTIONS, I'm just saying this as a general rule of thumb.

    And, I've seen a few decent games out for the DS recently. And, Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is coming out soon. There's a reason to actually own a DS, for me. If you like Mario and Luigi games [Such as Superstar Saga and the like], then I'd say go for this game. I know I'm gonna try. =)

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    It's just business. Gaming is a multi-million dollar industry, so there's plenty of horse trading going on behind the scenes. I'm not a big gamer, so I don't care that much about this, but I feel your pain in other sectors like the Apple & AT&T iPhone exclusive. Yeah yeah, you can jailbreak it.. but you still can't get it on a CDMA network.

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    Good Points , but I AM looking for work so its not like all i do is play games so i think that was a slighty unfair assumption .

    And even if they cant make a straight port of Dissidia , Square and FF Could Have put out a good game on the DS around the same time .

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