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Thread: Fur? Baby Fur? *B? What were those people?

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    Default Fur? Baby Fur? *B? What were those people?

    So this morning on the bus, and later on the ferry, I saw (and actually spoke with) a young woman who was wearing 'cat ears' (I had to ask 'cause at first I thought they were skunk ears...which I think are infinitely cuter). She had made them herself and actually had them 'snapped' to her hat (I can only presume she has snaps on other hats, as well!) Yes, she does have a tail, too (although she didn't have it with her this morning).

    During the conversation about her ears, the conversation actually turned to sleepers (footy pyjamas) and the young man who was with her said "I'd like to have a pair of those!" heheh

    So what do you think? Did I run into a fur and a *B...or possibly a baby fur and a *B? I'll leave it to you to decide, since I didn't ask!

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    Most Likely a fur, there are more of us then you think

    Babyfur, highly unlikely, a lot of people were sleepers, just wishful thinking.

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    Ayanna's the king (uhh, Queen ) of wishful thinking.

    Now I got that damn song stuck in my head. >_<

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    I'd say the girl was deffonatly a furry, not sure if the guy was a *B or just joining around.

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    Well I geuss the girl would for sure be classified as a fur because she obviously likes fluffy animals, specially cats. Plus she dresses up like them, so I think that fits most of the definition of a fur, but I am not sure because I do not consider myself a fur.
    As for the guy I would say he was most likely not a current/active infantilist. Although I would say he is a potential infantilist. I have spoke about this on previous threads, I think the the thread about infantilist population ratio to the population as a whole. So what I mean by a potential infantilist, is someone who is an infantilist but does not yet know it. They have some random thoughts about baby stuff and/or diapers but the repress them in fear of society reject or not self accepting it thinking their a freak. So if he was introduced to trying footed pjs and a paci and a diaper, I am sure he would most likely love it. Considering the statement he said.

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    Maybe they were people interested in such things, but didn't know of furries or infantilists?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post
    Maybe they were people interested in such things, but didn't know of furries or infantilists?
    That is what I thought when I read the post. She might be a furry and not even know it. Footed PJ's on the hand, don't make an AB, so I doubt the guy is. Besides, if he was an AB, he probably would have said something like "I have a pair of those!" instead of wanting a pair :P

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    Maybe we should have a poll on how many people here actually own a pair of footy pyjamas...THAT ACTUALLY FIT!

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