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Thread: What is your least favorite feature in a diaper?

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    Default What is your least favorite feature in a diaper?

    To contrast my other thread, I would like to ask, what is your least favorite feature in a diaper? (I know this one will not be as popular, but still, I need to ask.) There are almost infinite options, so, sorry, there is no poll.

    For me, it would probably be the fact that it can leak out the back, instead of absorbing up to the very front and back of the diaper.

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    Same for me. The middle gets soaked, yet the front and back remain dry.

    Might it have to do with the fact that I pee pointing down instead of up? I think most guys wear that way, but I may be wrong.

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    I find if you put a microfiber towel or two in the diaper it spreads the wetness thru almost the whole diaper, I just took off an assurance with 2 in it and the towels and the diaper were totaly soaked.

    It just started to leak by the rubber pants I was wearing when I took it off, I spent the whole afternoon in that setup cleaning rugs, I love a thick soggy diaper.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My biggest gripe with almost every diaper I've tried is that the padding starts to shred and clump after a few hours of wearing.

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    I think my biggest gripes are tapes that wont stick and clumping of the material when I wear a disposable.

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    My biggest gripe is diapers with tapes that stick once and that's it. If you try to reposition them, they lose their stick, tear the cover or both at once! I don't know who can ever get a diaper to fit just exactly perfect on the first go - but it certainly isn't me.

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    My biggest gripe is about tapes on adult diapers (disposable plastic) that either tear off or will not remain stuck. Cloth backed adult (disposable) diapers often have velcro which works out a lot better for attaching and repositioning, but often feel like they are more prone to leakage and feel less baby-like to me. Regardless I always wear plastic pants over my diapers to prevent leaks.

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    My least favorite feature is the lack of features. Give me absorbtion, waistbands, leak guards, good tapes and stretchy sides. How about an adult diaper as well made as a baby diaper? Bambino is the closest in my opinion, but I would like to see some stretchy sides.

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    I would have to say my biggest gripe with adult disposables is all the rediculous writing all over them. I wear Abenas and I like them in most respects. However, I know they are mediums, do they have to write it all over the diaper? Why does a plain white diaper (e.g. Bambino Blanco) have to be sold as a specialty? Even if I had a caregiver who changed me, don't you think they would know if it was wet and what size it was without all the indicators/writing? It seems excessive and not very attractive.

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