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Thread: I just can't believe this...

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    Default I just can't believe this...

    As desensitized as I am by all the horrible stuff you can find on the internet, this takes the cake...

    Balanced Chaos: Warning: not for the faint of heart.

    I know it's my dumb blog, but I did a bit of research and posted a couple different videos's just for the sake of condensing it to one link.

    I mean...they beat the crap out of an insane (perhaps mentally handicapped) Just wow.

    We all make jokes on the anonymous internet here, but...damn. That's just incredible to me.

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    at first it didn't look to bad but at the end the guy is just literary stomping on the guys head. I don't think that's a part of marital arts unless your in a life and death battle. Even in the book and movie Fight Club which is somewhat criticized for its use of strong violence always let people tap out if they wanted.

    Either way this video is sick and it's sad it happened. So, why is this make its way though the net now if this took place even before I was born?

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    The dojo "master" actually posted it to youtube, bragging that (paraphrasing) "if you screw with a marine, this is what happens." Both the master and the student doing the beating are ex-marines.

    The video has since been taken down, but the uproar on the internet (4chan got the ball rolling, believe it or not) has led to an investigation.

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    Curb stomp, wooo!

    That's like: bum fights, the bum hunter, etc.

    Funny. But sad....

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    The only difference with bum fights is:

    A. both combatants are "off" mentally

    B. they're getting paid

    C. none of them has ever been killed that we know of

    D. they're willing combatants who are never sucker punched

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    Yeah, that's truly fucked up, the death snore is probably the worst part of it, horrible, horrible tragedy. I have an idea as to why they're ex-marines, they don't even deserve to serve this country, what a disgrace.

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    Sickening. If that happened in the dojo I used to train at, I'd be kicking some serious marine ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    Sickening. If that happened in the dojo I used to train at, I'd be kicking some serious marine ass.
    I'd back you up all the way, man

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    Just horrible if true. However, I can't help but look at it in terms of potential staging for some kind of hoax, in which case it's also pretty bad as a waste of time for law enforcement, etc.

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