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    I'm new to this lifestyle, but enjoy dressing up like a baby girl, even though I'm a genetic guy.

    I do have a question already. What style of wig would look best with a baby dress? I'm thinking about something short, kind of a pageboy or bobbed hairstyle, but I'm open to suggestions or better yet, if someone knows where I can find pictures of adult babies maybe I can find just the right hair style in time for my birthday.

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    uhh Welcome to ADISC! Would you like to introduce yourself fully? Any hobbies or interests? Don't want to be mean but your intro isn't very productive. See here.

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    Sorry, point well taken.

    I found this site using bling as a search engine. It's a new interest to me. My other interests in this realm include BDSM and crossdressing.

    I'm retired from the military, my last assignment being with the 5th Special Forces, so I guess that my hobbies, at least some of them, are a bit out of character.

    I'm currently a part-time custom rifle builder and a part-time student finishing up my BA with a double major in history and political science. In my spare time I hunt and play around with my Jeep as well.

    Hopefully that's a better introduction.

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    Lots better, thanks

    Welcome to the site. In saying it's a new interest, does that mean that prior to finding it, you really hadn't thought much about diapers? Not to say anything against coming to it later in life but most of us have felt this strong urge in one way or another since at least adolescence and often as far back as we can remember. I've long thought that this would be an easy enough fetish to "recruit" people if it didn't have such strong negative cultural associations (appearance of immaturity, snap judgment connection to pedophilia, general disgust at contact with body fluids). In the abstract it's pretty straightforward and innocuous (just something you wear that produces different physical sensations).

    As to your question, I've got nothing useful in the wig suggestion department. Sorry!

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