I would like to say hi to my fellow ADISC member and DL/AB on this forum ,I am a 61 YO male straight and married for 36 years.I have been a diaper wearer since just about the time I got out of them just because I like them ( and yes wife knows about them )I jioned the forum to keep up with what is going on in our special world.I like cloth diapers as this is what I started out with and love the feel of being wet on the inside and dry on yhe outside . I have done 24/7 in the past and after a few days of relaxing your muscles you don't need to thing about wetting but when you take them off you need to consontrate to not wet your pants.
I only had 1 experience as a kid around 13 my nieghbors kid was still 24/7 at 5 and his rubber/plastic pants would fit tite and when I babysat I could get them out of the diaper pail have some fun and put them back ( I always fantasizes about get caught never did )
now I have prostate problems it is fun we start out in diaper and go full circle back to diapers
so like I said I like to know what is going on and how some of our next generation is dealing with still living at home and what they like etc.
this is long enough so it is great to be here with others of like mind RICHIE2