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Thread: Military?

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    Default Military?

    is there any members of the military trolling here?

    im at Aviano Italy.

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    I've always thought about doing the navy. I mean, if the whole college thing doesn't work out.

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    RAMC possibly in a few years, depends on what route (of the millions there are) that I take.

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    Alot of my family is in the service, but I am too fat and lazy to serve my country x,x

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    Butterfly Mage


    I sure do respect the military a lot. My grandfather was in the Navy and my great-grandfather was in the Army.

    My uncle and I both wotk for the Department of Corrections. I have a cousin who is a cop and another cousin who is a fire fighter.

    I was pretty interested in the Navy too. Alas, they looked at my medical and psychological history and said "no way!"

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    My two grandpa's served in the Navy
    My dad is in the air force and stationed at Qatar for a year
    My brother is also in the air force.

    the thought of joining the forces has never even passed through my brain. I've always known that i would never join up with anything unless drafted. Even if i wanted to join, being openly gay kind of restricts it. Lol i enjoy telling recruiters that i'm gay

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    Careful with that twitch, Twitch.. You could really kill someone...

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