View Poll Results: What positions are you able to pee in a diaper in, without any difficulty?

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  • Standing

    75 94.94%
  • Sitting

    66 83.54%
  • Laying on Stomach

    32 40.51%
  • Laying on Back

    46 58.23%
  • Laying on Side

    30 37.97%
  • None, I can not pee in a diaper in any position, I just can not relax enough to let it go.

    3 3.80%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What positions can you pee?

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    Default What positions can you pee?

    I thought of making this thread this morning when I woke up. After trying pee in my diaper on my stomach and my back in bed, and failing horribly. It made me motivated to see how wide spread of a problem this is. Also if there are any techniques or advice people have on how to over come this block. I think that it has a lot to do with gravity. Cause I can pee standing and sitting, and even sitting laying back while reclined at 45 degree angle. Although I can not pee laying on my stomach, or back to save my life. I have been trying for several years and still can not over come this. I know that it is possible for my body to do this, because I remember waking up still peeing while on my stomach in bed back when i was like 4 or 5.

    So please take the poll and check all the positions you are able to pee in without any trouble. If you have done it once or twice in that postion but generally have a hard time in a specific position do not check it. So this IS a multiple selection poll. Also if you are able to pee laying down in any postion please post how you were able to do this, specially if at one point before you could not do it. I would greatly appreciate the advice and I am sure others would too.

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    I can go in any of those postions. Why don't you just make an option for that?

    I never have understood why people have problems peeing in certain postions..

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    Sitting & standing are no problem for me... but laying down takes some work... dunno why.

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    I think that I have a well trained bladder, because this has always been difficult for me.
    I can now pee easily standing and sitting, but anything else is impossible. I can sometimes do it laying down on my back, but it takes so much effort.

    I think it gets easier the more you wear and the more you get used to going in diapers. But I very rarely wear/use them so I guess it will be awhile before I can go in any position.

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    Well I can't really do it in any positions, I'm just not used to going in diapers. With practice I'll be able to, but I don't have the time (or the diapers!) to practice at the moment.

    Physiologically, I don't think there's anything stopping you going in any position you want - the muscles down there can usually push it out hard enough, and then you'll just be able to let it flow after a while. So I'm guessing it's all psychological - you're not used to going like that, and you're brain is going "no!". So I guess after enough practice you can pee however you feel like peeing!

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    Yeah, it's mostly psychological. We've all been trained for years to NOT pee in bed, so of course it's going to be hard to go lying down.

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    Sitting and Standing is not problem for me. But the only way I can do it laying is if im at least a little propped up, like a 45 degree angle and then I can pee, but thats almost like sitting.

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    I have tried everything, other than cartwheels...I haven't mastered the whole 'peeing while cartwheeling' I guess I should start by doing it while hand standing, but I am not sure because gravity will take affect...and...I don;t want to pee on the floor! Any question?


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    I can "go" all ways that you have mentioned.

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    Standing is no problem for me. Sitting is a bit more difficult, only a little effort required. Everything else though requires too much effort so I don't even bother with it.

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