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    Default Luvs SleepDrys

    I've had more than one opportunity to snag a pack of these, but the right moment never came...

    I was wondering if anyone else has tried these, and if they would be willing to tell me what they think of them...


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    I believe these were discontinued, so if you do buy them, they will be old stock (really old, because I think it was 2004 when they dc'ed them.) They did have a MUCH smaller fit than even the middle aged (smaller) goodnights, so don't expect a good fit.

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    Eh... I'm a smaller guy so I could probably squeeze into the large

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    I might have on left. The thing is thay might not be sleep drys I think tha are
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmon6969 View Post
    I might have on left I thing thay are the sleep drys
    I didn't quite catch that...

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    Yup I have used them and still have some left. They actually hold more than Goodnites, but they are made cheaper and are not as soft and comfortable. Store brand versions of Goodnites are very similar to the Luv's SleepDrys. The SleepDrys are thicker but the crotch is narrower. One thing I do like is that the padding goes all the way to the waistband. The two store brands shown here have sides that are stretchier. The Safeway ones have the tallest leak guards and the Walgreen's the shortest. If you have never had the chance to try the SleepDrys, the store brands are very similar.

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    I have tried the Luvs Sleepdrys, but they never seemed any better than the Goodnites available back then. In fact, Medline made a better pullup sized for adults, and the Luvs product never caught on. Though the Luvs were discrete, they were also a bit uncomfortable.


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    At the dollar generals and family dollar stores they have sleep drys but under private label its made the exact same way. Pretty cheap too, just doesn't have Luvs on the package.

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