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Thread: Is there a good substitute for commercial baby powder?

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    Default Is there a good substitute for commercial baby powder?

    I finally have the house to myself for a decent amount of time, which of course means that I get to indulge myself. However, like many of you, I'm not too keen on diaper rash.

    Now, since I lack a car to go and get any, that means I'm going to have to use something else. I'm thinking flour might be good, but I'm not about to try it before I get some outside input. So, I ask you, what could I use that would be found around a common household?

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    I wouldn't recommend flour. If you've ever baked, you know when flour gets wet it gets all sticky and/or clumpy. It'd be a mess! You'd be better off with corn starch. That's something that's actually used for some baby powders.

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    Oh, it is? Thanks for the information then, I have plenty of that stuff.

    One other question, though. Would olive oil or something similar work instead of baby oil?

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    don't do flour...not only will it be sticky as chevre's a great base for growing beasties don't want an infection!

    I'd hoof it to the store and get yourself some real baby powder...nothing beats the real thing.


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    Some baby powders are made of pure cornstarch, with a little bit of fragrance. So cornstarch will work perfectly.

    Oops. I was too late.

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    I was going to say, are you that far away from a market that you can't just walk?

    The most important thing to do to avoid diaper rash is to change when the diaper gets saturated. Don't sit around in a totally soaked diaper all day. If the diaper absorbs your pee and locks it up, then you'll be OK - it's not sitting next to your skin. But when it gets full, then the pee stays in contact with your diapered area and the uric acid/other stuff starts breaking down and irritating your skin. That goes quadruple if you mess.

    Shower and air out at least once a day.

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    It's about 5 miles one way from here to the nearest store. So I suppose I could walk, but it seems like a bit much for just one thing. But I do plan on finally getting a car though, so hopefully this won't be a problem a few month from now.

    And while that is good advice about needing to change the diaper every so often, I'm actually planning on soaking it. So unfortunately for me, that's out of the question.

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    Five miles is a bit of a walk!

    Just remember that baby powder isn't a magic cure. Doesn't matter how what you do, if you leave a really really wet diaper on for a long time, you're asking for trouble... not only rashes, but leaks!

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    What type of diaper do you have, cloth or disposable? If it's a disposable and if you have more than just one of them, why not wear the diaper under your clothes while walking to the market to get some baby oil and baby powder? By the time you get back home, you may well have already soaked your diaper and be ready to use the oil and powder for your next diaper change, provided you have another diaper.

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    Do you know how easily you get diaper rash?
    I know my skin can stand up to alot.

    It's not like you wet the diaper then instantly start rashing up. I regularly sleep in already wet diapers, and spend lots of time in them through the course of the day. If you spend less than 6 hours in a wet diaper, I think most people would be okay.

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