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Thread: Visa Prepaid debt cards?

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    Default Visa Prepaid debt cards?

    I was wondering if anyone had ever used one of these for buying stuff online at ebay or elseware..possible diapers. It acts just like a visa debt card but you don't have to be 18 (by law here) to own one.

    I came across this little gem after talking to my dad about getting me a card I can use online but his excuse was "I don't want you buying stuff online without me looking at it first" but since no one would have to know about this card as I'd just sink $50 into one from the post office with no strings attached Unless I seem to be missing something, I know they charge fees for ringing up and requesting your balance but according to the T&C's thats the only fees I can see is the link this is the Australian one not sure if its a world wide thing I mean visa is pretty global though..after all

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    I was going to come in here and talk about just a regular Visa Debit Card - which I have. It's linked to my bank account. Can shop *almost* anywhere Visa is accepted online. I've come across a few sites before that don't accept it. But majority have. I still use PayPal wherever possible.

    As for the prepaid cards, it sounds like a good idea. However, just like anything else that involves money, carefully read all terms and conditions. Sure, it may be prepaid, but that doesn't mean there isn't a catch.

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    Generally these things cost a few dollars to get and will often start losing money if they're not used in a few months. However it is a nice discrete way to purchase online and would probably be worth the few dollars for people who can't use a regular cc to be able to order online.

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    I have never personally bought one for myself or anyone else, but I have used one before. I got a 100 dollar one for Christmas. I do not rememeber exactl what I used it on, just random stuff like going out to eat and some music. I have never bought diapers with one, I use my debit card for that. But they can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. American Express and Mastercard also have prepaid cards too.

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