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Thread: Telling poeple and wanting more?

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    Default Telling poeple and wanting more?

    Since I told my friend i like wearing diapers and ever since then I have been yearning for her to ask me more questions about why i like them. She asked me questions like

    Do you wear them often

    When did you have the opportunity to develope this?

    Did you just buy a pack and think, hey I should try this? Or how did you get into it?

    did you always have a thing for diapers?

    Do ur parents know?

    But I have a yearning for her to ask me more, idk why i feel like this. Did anyone else feel this way when they told a friend?

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    Having never told anyone (besides an embarrassing incident involving my brother), I can't exactly answer, but I know the feeling. I wish some days that I could just get it out there and make people understand. But I don't really see it ever happening with some people I know. You're lucky that she isn't totally grossed out by your DLism, If I were you I wouldn't push her to ask any more questions, just take it slow. Other than that, congratulations on being accepted by your friend.

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    It's probably the adreneline rush or something you had when you where telling them. Ending up for you wanting to tell more?

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    I know how that is...I've told many of my friends...and after telling them I kept (and sometimes still do) getting a feeling of wanting to be asked about it.

    I've always thought of it as the point that you finally have an outlet to let some of the bottled up thoughts and emotions out to who is actually right there and not through a computer screen...

    be careful friends actually did start to ask questions at one point and in my excitedness I kinda annoyed them...I apologized later though and everything was fine ^_^

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    hmmm...well it was like that when i first did it, but now i want to talk more about it

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    My guess is that it's for either of two reasons:

    1) You have been able to tell her about it once, now you feel it is an emotional outlet for you when you have to much. So when all builds up you want to tell her.

    2) Related to the first, you feel guilty about it in a way. Therefore if she asks you things, it's acceptable to answer, but if she doesn't ask it's not appropriate to tell her.

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    Telling people makes me feel icky. After that, I'm always tempted to draw them in one way or another. It makes me think I'm going to become a very-scary, pervy old-man.

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    In total, I think I've told about 6 people, (excluding my parents) and I'd venture to guess half of them don't even remember I told them.

    It's been my experience that they'll ask a few initial questions and then pretty much don't care afterwards.

    For the most part I've just been happy that they didn't freak out, but I guess in some way, I wanted a little more interest, just to have a conversation about it.

    That's sort of the main reason I wanted to join this community. Just to be able to talk about it in detail with someone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    hmmm...well it was like that when i first did it, but now i want to talk more about it
    just let it come up naturally, don't force it on her. I know both best friends that I told will ask questions about it every so often, or it comes up in conversation....

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