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Thread: Tenas in the Sacramento area for sale

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    Default Tenas in the Sacramento area for sale

    Hey everyone! I've got a little story to share leading to some Tenas I have for sale to anyone interested in the Sac area.

    I have been into diapers for a long time, but I seldom purchase them. Occasionally I do like to buy diapers and use them but short of buying them online and having to intercept the package from my family (I'd rather them be ignorant to my rather strange fetish), Depends and Goodnights are really my only option in the Sacramento area as far as I know for purchasing diapers.

    My stash of Depends ran out quite awhile ago and I've mainly stuck to the many great online ABDL communities to get my ABDL satisfaction. However, recently I got that urge to wear again and tapped into the last Goodnight I had stashed away, but I felt unfulfilled. In my whole ABDL "career" I've only gone out to purchase diapers very few times, and usually reserve that shopping trip for late at night in 24/7 grocery outlets to avoid bumping into anyone I know when I'm buying them.

    Last weekend I was determined to restock, but unwilling to spend the money on more Depends or Goodnights which lack both the absorbency and appeal of other brands I've seen online like the Tena Slip Maxis or Abenas. I decided to look on Tenas website and search for Tena dealers close to me but the closest ones were 65+ miles away. I made several embarrassing calls to these dealers to confirm they carried them in my size and in the styles I wanted.

    I knew it was a bad idea from the start economically, but rather than daydream about it I decided it was plausible and just bit the bullet. I ended up driving all the way to Walnut Creek in the east bay area to purchase some Tenas from the Diablo Medical Supply store (a mere pack of 12) and headed back home. However, the absorbency and cloth-like exterior of these particular Tenas were rather disappointing to me. After further research, I discovered thanks to members of this board that it's the European style Tenas that I was expecting to find, and the American ones have the dreaded cloth-like exterior. Live and learn

    In the end, I ordered some Abena Abri-Form X-Pluses online. After 4 long days of waiting to intercept the package, they came. I grabbed the package with no problems and my family is none-the-wiser. And I must say, I was truly missing out. I will probably never be purchasing Depends again.

    While I don't care for them myself, I know some people like the American style Tenas. If there's anyone in the Sacramento area who would like them and is perhaps unwilling to purchase diapers from a store or online, let me know. I will probably end up donating them to a fellow ABDL who could enjoy them but if out of the kindness of your heart you decide to pay $5 or so it would be greatly appreciated as I am an unemployed college student.

    Thanks for reading

    Edit: Oh I forgot to mention they are size Smalls (22"-36" waist). I can't post a link so do a Google search for Tena Small Brief and click the first link for more info on these.
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    I'm not a huge fan of Tena's myself, but some of their product line is quite absorbent. You can always ad a cheap baby diaper as a stuffer. As far as finding diapers locally in Sac you could try medical supply stores. They could probably order diapers that they do not stock. If you check out the Walgreen's web site you will find Attends, Dignity, Tena, Tranquility, and Walgreen's brand diapers. They can be ordered in the store and delivered to the store for pick-up. If you feel more comfortable you can say that they are for your Grandmother or someone else and that packages get stolen off your porch. Hope this helps.. Nice to know there are others in the Sac area.

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    What kind of Tena did you get?
    I use the Super (green in medium) and I can safely say they are in the top 5 most absorbant diaper in the world. (I tried almost everything...)

    If you got the Classic line, then no wonder you where disapointed. The Ultra line is OK but it's ment to be a cheap day diaper or a diaper to be changed every 4 houres.

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    I'd be all about Tena but as stated above, they're cloth backed. Therefore, Abena.

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