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Thread: Underjams. Rip or not?

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    Default Underjams. Rip or not?

    I was wondering if anyone knew about underjams ripping. I heard that they rip on bigger waist sizes, but am not sure. I have an approx. waist size of 28" through 30".

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    I'm a 30"-32" and I have tried underjams for both boys and girls. For me, I only used them as fillers, or for masturbating. When I use them for masturbating, I reuse and underjams only last me 3 wearings until the sides tear. I would say that for wearing at a 30"-32" size it will fit but anything past 32" will tear. If you want a cheap and durable diaper I would personally recommend goodnites cause they fit me well for my waist. It varies for person and I would say that underjams hold more but if wearing overnight it can get some wear and tear. Keep in mind that the sides of the diapers are the same as other Pampers products and that the max weight for underjams is roughly over 85+ lbs.

    In addition I would personally recommend you to start an introduction topic to further introduce yourself in ADISC. Start one here.

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    I have about a 30 31 waist I wore the sample underjam I got in the mail I wet it once and at the next wetting it was leaking, and just before I was going to take it off it tore down the side.

    Your way better off with Good nights XL they are not too bad with a stuffer, I got much better results with the GN's.

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    Welp I can wear underjams, and they only go to my hips, which are about 48" (yes yes, huuuuuge hips haha) and I can wear them for about 2 hours before they rip, so long as I don't do lunges or something. so i think you should be fine.

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    They ripped for me. But hey, I'm a fattheh. lol.

    I'm as fat as an all states baseball player can get. -_-

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    I have a little extra baggage lol But the one time i managed to get UnderJams, at the most, only about a half inch of the material tore and that was only on one of them.

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    i stretch mine before wearing so the plastic sides rip off after about an hour but the cloth stays so it stays on its just barely hanging there no way i get em off without tearing the sides off

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    I'm 140 pounds, 28" waist, and have like 7% body fat and every single one out of the two packs I bought ripped after at least two hours of wear

    Sorry for the excessive info

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    I am 36 to 38 and I can were them foe a hour or tow then thay rip

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