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Thread: College football

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    Default College football

    Sorry this thread is about COLLEGE FOOTBALL, screw the pros, But with college football just weeks away. I figured we needed somewhere to talk about Who is everybodies favorite team? Who's gonna win the BCS? OK discuss now. lol

    Favorite team I bleed Husker red. GO BIG RED!

    BCS champ is either going to be the Gators, or the Texas Longhorns

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    GO BUCKEYES! We may not get the rankings we deserve at times, but you can COUNT on us making it far every year!

    Drive, drive on down the field
    Men of the Scarlet and Gray
    Don't let them through that line
    We've got to win this game today
    ( O-HI-O!!)
    Smash through to victory
    We cheer you as you go
    Our honor defend
    We will fight to the end
    for O-HI-O!

    (Did i remember to say GO BUCKS?)

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    There are only two reasons I have trouble getting excited about college football:

    1. I want a playoff system, dammit!

    2. I went to Duke so I'm a Duke fan...and that's just depressing when it comes to football.

    But I do think Florida's gonna take it again...they have the experience of winning and they have Tebow.

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    Ohio State fan here.. NUFF said there. LOL. I love Ohio State, always have. My grandddaddy told all about the OSU legacy and I will always be a fan.


    P.S. The ranking systems SUCK. Florida as number one my BUTT.

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    I am a long time Notre Dame fan. Go Irish!!!!!!

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    Seeing how I live 20 minutes away from UC Berkeley, the Cal Bears are my favorite team.

    Everyone should be on the lookout for Jahvid Best this year. He's the new Reggie Bush, except he can take a hit. There are gonna be good times in Strawberry Canyon this year, especially when USC comes to town.

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    I think they should go to an 8 team playoff system that or do it like they used to. Have the voting after all four BCS games and who ever kicked the most @$$ should get. That way you have the winners from four games with the chance to win it. Though I hate everything Texas (the people annoy me) I believe McCoy will lead that team. They are looking for blood after the fiasco last year, and everyone knows that gator taste great fried.

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    College football and college hoops are so much fun!
    I think a playoff system would be great, but how do you ran conferences and teams?
    Would you sort-of-kind-of use the NCAA basketball model (of course not starting with 64 teams)?

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    Sorry Teddy but I'm a big Virginia Tech fan, and we will probably go pretty far. Two of my three kids went there so yeah, Virginia Tech.

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