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    It's like every forum in the world has one of these, isn't it? First impressions being what they are it's always really difficult to put this post together, too...

    I'm a twenty-one year old guy, a kinda-student, I live in the UK and have all my life. I am heavily invested in doing too many different things with my poor overworked laptop. I build websites, I play games, I make music, I edit video and "Shop" Photos.
    I like ambient music but not the kind in elevators, action movies but not the kind with martial arts and friendly conversation but not the kind with plants.

    When it comes to diapers I'm a nervous enthusiast. I've experimented with a hundred scenarios in my head but never bought disposables. Actually playing with cloth has been enjoyable, and my eventual goal is to sew a few rather particular cloth diapers for myself... and live with the girl of my dreams who likes playing baby to my Daddy occassionally, too.

    That's it for now, guys and dolls. I'll see you all around somewhere on the forums, I'm sure.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope that this site can be of help of you. We don't bite.

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    Hehe, first empressions are difficult. I ususally in person start it off with a smile. Anyways welcome!

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    Thank you! I already feel welcome... I smiled at the cordless mouse, I suppose that counts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sabrael View Post
    Thank you! I already feel welcome... I smiled at the cordless mouse, I suppose that counts?
    I found that mouse very witty and couldent resist putting as my avi. Its cute I think. Yeah smiles are the best! When you get enough posts you can bother me and PM me. So i can share my wisdom? Im pretty talkative at times. But i have a tendacy to isolate my self..... So you made need to poke and prod.

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