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    Default Goodnites Underwear

    Does anyone know if these will fit my 34" or possibly 35" waist? Thanks in advance for any info.

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    I have a 36" waist and they fit me, you should be fine I would think. Good Luck.

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    I think 34" might be stretching it. Still, it is such a fine and durable product. You would think KC would have enough common sense to make a larger size. But instead, they give the job of designing, manufacturing, and advertising of the larger sizes (Depends) to louts, tosspots, and drooling idiots apparently. So anybody who's just a tad heavier set than a broom stick gets dumped to the curb. These Kimberly Clark people have such big holes in their heads, or it's stuck some place up their posterior ends.


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    I'm like a 29' waist and they fit me fine, Dunno how much of a differnce it is between 29 and 34 though.

    Best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan09 View Post
    Dunno how much of a differnce it is between 29 and 34 though.
    5 inches...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suspence View Post
    5 inches...
    haha you beat me to it :P

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