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Thread: FINALLY!!! I get to do something fun on Thursday night!

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    Default FINALLY!!! I get to do something fun on Thursday night!

    This Thursday, I am going to the Cleveland Indians/LA Angels game at Progressive Field and that will be my first Indians game since May of '05 due to my sucky work schedule and the impossibility of taking time off work to do anything even remotely fun during the summer.

    Last year, I had to sacrifice a luxury box seat due to work, and I also have had to miss my family reunion the past few years too. So FINALLY! I get to go to an Indians game and have a good time as well as have a few ice-cold beers and just enjoy myself with one of my best friends.


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    That's awesome man; congrats

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    Only wild-card right now is the weather, which is maybe iffy but I am hoping the storms pass through early and I can get up to Cleveland and and have a good time. I LOVE my Indians as I always have ever since I was a kid.


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    Enjoy the game. I know the Indians aren't having a good season this year, but it's always fun to go to the game. My son is a Baltimore fan, and we've gone to some games. They of course usually lose, but being there is awesome.

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    And I did... we had some bad rain on the way to the ballpark and it was tough to see the freeways but we got there safe and once we got past a certain freeway, we were safe from the rain.

    We sat way up in the upper deck. I'm DVRing the replay cause my friend's buddy said he saw us on TV. I want to check that out cause we were way up in the upper deck and I doubt where I was at I was even on the SportsTime Ohio broadcast of the game.

    It was fun despite the watered-down beer and the high cost of everything inside that stadium. UGH. I had a good time and my friend and I are going back next month if we can when the White Sox are in town.


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