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Thread: Do you think pregnancy is a temp. disability?

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    Default Do you think pregnancy is a temp. disability?

    Think about it, when women are pregnant they have to go on a diet by eating healthy and they can't eat certain foods and they have to cut back on junk food. They also can't do things like go on rides, go in hot tubs or take hot baths, go down water slides, can't play sports or lift up heavy items. They even need to be accommodated at work and they need to stay away from certain fumes and they can't even clean the litter box. They even have to sit down on the bus, can't stand, they can get a sore back and get tired easily and have a hard time moving around because of their huge stomach and the baby in there. My husband even asked me if pregnant women qualify for a handicapped parking permit and I said they should because it's like a disability and sometimes they have troubles moving, then he said he was joking. I even read that some preggers go on disability. I think I can see why because maybe their pregnancy keeps them from working so they take leave until the baby comes. I think it's a temporary disability because of all this.

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    When you put it like that, it does seem like a disability, but you're also focussing on all the negative things.

    Pregnancy makes youre skin glow, pregnancy means people see you as responsible and stop to chat to you instead of look away, people stop to help you if you fall/are struggling, pregnancy makes your breats tender - anyone else see something good there?

    Yes, some aspects of pregnancy are a bummer, but essentially it's a choice, there is more than adequate birth available in most developed countries, so if you *choose* to get pregnant, then you *choose* to take on any burdens that come with that.

    And you *can* still do lots of things and more. To be on disability allowance here in the UK, one of the rough guidelines to recieve it is if you can't walk a mile. Well, I'm faily sure most pregnant people would be able to walk a mile up until the very latter stages of their pregnancy. Maybe not their first choice of getting around, but certainly capable.

    So no. NoI don't think they're disabled. I think yes they need consessions made for them, but they're not disabled.

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    In a legal sense...yeah, it probably is. Pregnant women, like disabled people, need extra care and attention from society. They should (and have) front row parking spaces, get special seats on the bus etc. Even in the sense of the word "disabled" it's a term that applies to pregnant women - they temporarily cannot do certain things to protect the unborn child.

    I just don't like the term "disabled" - it has negative associations for most people, so the simple term "pregnant" conveys all the messages people need to have really. It is, after all, a temporary condition and thus not as permanent as most disabilities.


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    I always considered pregnancy a sexually transmitted disease.

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    Can men who have to care for pregnant wives be considered disabled, too?

    While pregnancy may be disabling, I don't see it at all as disability, the least of which is that the person technically chooses (with the exception of a few rare instances) to undertake the disability as opposed to it happening outside of their control.

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    Normal pregnancy, no. Except maybe the last few weeks.

    Certain complications in a difficult or high risk pregnancy, yes.

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    Gah, absolutely not; I appreciate it may be difficult, but it's also a matter of choice.

    I don't buy the argument re: objections to the use of contraception; if you do not want to "risk" being pregnant or contracting a STD, either use contraception or don't have sex.

    Finally, most countries define a disability as a permanent affair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willnotwill View Post
    I always considered pregnancy a sexually transmitted disease.
    Life is a terminal sexually transmitted disease.

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    Nah, I don't. Here in Canada, though, we have pink parking spaces at the front right next to handicap spaces for preggers and those with small children.

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