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    What are some of the most stupid things you've done?

    I spent ages trying to find why my first Java program didn't work. After asking online, I learned the function was System.out.println, not System.out.printIn . (In my defense, the book's font wasn't that clear).

    I turn my phone on silent while in school. Unfortunately, that means I can't do my usual trick of phoning it. One time, I searched for it, then saying "It's loud enough vibrating, I'll ring it anyway." So I put my hand into my pocket, took out the phone, dialled in the number, before realising that that was the phone I was looking for.

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    I've stopped counting how often it has happend, but I am "good at" making bad comments involuntarily (especially ones which have a hidden meaning I was unaware of when saying them...), forgetting important stuff about people (i.e. topics to NOT talk about casually out of courtesy, like body weight or asking somebody who lost some important person about the whereabouts of that person even though I should know that he's dead) and countless other things which come and haunt me before going to bed or just out of thin air.

    I guess it has never really been really bad, and so far nobody treated me differently after some stuff like that. It's bad that you can't really apologize without bringing up the same subject again, though

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    If you have a week to hear them I will tell you about some of them!

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    hehe, yesterday i was throwing a fit trying to find my cell phone. my whole family was joining me in my search while i was absolutely freaking out. i reach into my pocket and there it was. everyone was laughing including me. *whacks myself in the forehead*

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    Erm. Okay. Erm. Erm. ERRRRRRM. OH! Here's One Right Off The Top Of My Head.

    I Went And Attacked A Teacher Once. Stupid Move.

    Another Time I Spent 5 Minutes Beating The Hell Out Of The Wall In The Head Teachers Office. The Wall Was New. She Was Least Impressed. xD

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    Called 911 to "see what would happen", though I was 7 at the time.

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    stupid things... well i drifted a huge turn in the middle of winter (scared the hell out of me), i lost my phone for a day just to find it in my dirty pants, XD i found a dirty diaper in my closet that was in there for almost a month (it smelled like death), putting a dent in a wall at work with the cart pusher, ummm crashing my four-wheeler like 5 time (last one nearly totaled it)

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    I've done some stupid things.

    Things I will not say because some idiot here will go do it and lose a finger!

    BTW I'm not joking. I've done some seriously STUPID things!

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