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Thread: best diapers?

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    Default best diapers?

    i'm sure this question has been asked before but who makes the best diapers that look and feel like baby diapers?

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    If it's done before, why ask again?
    At the top of the page there is a search box. Just type stuff in, and it should pop right up.

    Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products!

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    Bambinos! I heard alot about them and they should fit your needs. You should make an introduction thread.

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    I'm gonna have to agree with everyone else and say Bambinos. They are by far the best, and have come down in cost recently.

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    i'm sorry if i asked something that was already asked before i'm still new on things sorry to bother anyone

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    Shouldnt this be in the diaper talk section?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SixesandSevens View Post
    Shouldnt this be in the diaper talk section?
    Well, either or, it's about being babyish and it's about nappies.

    Never tried Bambinos. Would like too, just because I've heard so much about them.

    Out of the brands I have used, I notice there are nappies that make me feel I am more baby-like (because the nappy is larger, less clinical looking and not leak-prone) and then there are other nappies that are built more like a modern baby nappy would be, but are less effective on an adult. The Boots StayDry brand seem to be an adult version of the Boots baby ones, although I haven't bought baby ones to compare. What I mean is, they use all SAP, no fluff, are cloth-feel, have strong elastic leg gathers such that the nappy cannot lay flat, have elastic on the front and back, and come up less far when wearing. They seem the most similar-to-baby-nappies, adult nappies I could buy, if that makes sense. But, if I wanted to look or feel more babyish, I would wear one of my Tender-Care Night Large, because they absorb a lot, are plain white (with blue tapes) and are big!

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    There are lots of great diapers out there. Since everyone is different (body wise) and has different needs I don't think there can be one "best" diaper. Personally I enjoy trying diapers I have never tried before. I don't have a "best" diaper that I tend to stick too, since I have different needs/desires/situations.

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    I've used Abenas and i've used Bambinos. I'd like to say that I prefer Bambinos more since they're much more aesthetically pleasing to me -- and really, isn't the babyish look about diapers kinda the point of them? It adds more fun and more enjoyment to my diaper time :3

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