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    i sweat a lot, especially now when it's summer in MN and it's really humid, and it's mostly in my private area which when i walk causes some nasty heat rash from the dampness down there. i was wondering if any one knows if wearing a diaper would help, because i was thinking it would absorb all of the sweat. i have absorbent under wear (so thin you cant even notice them even if you were looking for a diaper) and i was thinking about wearing them full time if they helped with this. so does any one know if this would help, or if some one knows of ways that would help me not get a heat rash

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    It wouldn't help at all your just trapping more humid air against yourself wearing a diaper, you can try useing a diaper rash cream to stop sweating and use baby powder or just ordinary talc powder, to absorb more of the moisture.

    When you are in the shower before getting out let some cool water run over you it helps close the pours and makes you feel more comfortable.

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    No, a diaper won't help. It will increase heat and humidity in your crotch and make the problem even worse.

    If you want to get rid of the sweat, put some powder on the area - that usually absorbs some of the sweat. I believe there's even special powder for that kind of purpose - look around a drug store.
    Other than that, I suggest to increase ventilation in the area. I.e. lay off any type of tight fitting underwear and wear loose underwear instead, preferably boxers. Whenever you can, don't wear underwear at all, or take off your pants and go around in your underwear, or - the best option - naked (can always wear a big shirt...kinda like a skirt.

    But yeah, diapers won't all. They'll just make things worse. Believe me, I've been through quite a few uncomfortable hot days in my diapers - it's no fun!


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    lol thank you, that would of been bad than, because it can get hard to walk at work already

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    Yah... diapers bad idea for this lol. It's all about ventilation as far as rashes go.

    I can commiserate. I sweat a lot... I live in south florida, so I get the whole humidity thing. It's like rain forest here without the interesting ecology. In addition, I get hotter way easier than other people do... I can be in a room and if it's 72, I feel warm. When I feel the temperature is tolerable, other people are freezing... I should move to Alaska >.<

    Anyway, as people suggested... body powders... etc. I don't know how healthy anti-perspirants are in general, so not sure I'd recommend that. Anything that increases air flow is your best bet. Breathable, loose fitting fabrics.

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    I third (or fourth) powder. I don't have the problem anymore but when I did powder worked pretty well.

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    Gold Bond Body Powder= Best for chafing and moisture "down there".

    Used it a lot on a camping trip to the Florida keys. Feels very good .

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    I usually use baby powder to keep that area dry. Diapers when its hot is so uncomfortable and makes things hotter

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