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Thread: Cutest Animal

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    Alright, in this thread all you do is post a link to a video or picture of animals that you think are the cutest ever!

    I'll start by posting these cute tiger cubs

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    I've always liked little critters. Chipmunks are one of my favorites. My wife's cousin had a pet chipmunk she raised from a baby.


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    Far cuter than tiger cubs (even tho' tiger cubs are awesomely cute)...I give to you...Knut...the most adorably CUTE polar bear cub in history! (Or at least at the Berlin Zoo)

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    I think this is not only one of the cutest, but also one of the most unique animals hehe, look at its wittle nose


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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    This is an example on how genetic engainering can go wrong and still look cute.

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    i think pramrider is winning on the quteness scale. chipmonks can't kill you, makeing them seem more cuddly and cute. a bear can be cute, but soon after you say that, you'll be mauled.

    and i love kitty's to much to say that tiger cubs arn't adorable. i don't care if it kills me, i'd just be bloody and happy.

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