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Thread: Things you *hate*, but others around you seem to love.

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    Default Things you *hate*, but others around you seem to love.

    I'll start!

    The Beatles

    Tenacious D
    A Christmas Story

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    Hey! this is not the place to get all political... but i have to say.... whats your beef with Transformers!


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    Toast, it's totally over-rated, it's just crunchy bread, you could just eat some croutons instead, they have some garlic on them usually.

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    mm3: You know your going to go to hell for hating on anime..... :P

    Brocolii O.O
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    Gears of War
    Sin City
    Wolverine: X-Men Origins
    Charles Dickens
    Deadliest Catch
    Fraggle Rock
    Spearmint gum
    Deep-dish pizza
    That Irish shit that likes to call itself beer
    Tater tots
    Arby's regular fries
    Ranch dressing

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