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    I feel sooo sick xD I kinda "indulged" today. 5 Dunkin Donuts, DQ Banana Split, 3 or 4 small bottles of Coke... Who can do this?! I'll tell you who. The candy man can. Oh, the candy man... xD

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    Wow...Thats a rather random post...Anyways...I do that kinda shit all the time...But, my sugar intake is *extremely* high, so I can do it.

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    Hmm i would be slowly dying if i ate all that anti-healthfood. Just looking at a cookie makes me put on weight. I have to extra careful until my season starts back up!

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    That is a lot of sugar....I get all fidgety if i've had too much sugar.
    Ice cream is one of my biggest weaknesses and DQ holds a very soft spot in my heart. In fact, all I had for dinner last night was the new DQ thin mints blizzard. Heaven in a cup.

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    It will catch up to you some day, old eating habits are tough to break, continue eating like that and you will have a weight problem later on in life.

    I was there I know all about it.

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    I do that every so often, generally if I'm out shopping for the entire day, I will continue to grab fast food, or snacks and what-not. I feel horrid after, so I don't do it all the time... I don't think I've ever eaten that much, though.

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