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Thread: Sleeping in Diapers and Wetting

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    Default Sleeping in Diapers and Wetting

    Does anybody else do what I do?

    I have been sleeping in diapers for probably over a year. My wife thought that it was weird, but is accepting. I have been using Dry Care 24/7 disposables and rubber or plastic pants. I usually drink several glasses of water before I go to bed so that I experience one or more wettings before morning. At first it was difficult to pee laying down, but with practice I can go easily when the urge is strong. Now I go to sleep and wake up when I have to go, wet and go back to sleep. The interesting thing is that when I am finished wetting, I become very sleepy again and immediately go back to sleep. Before diapers I would usually have to go once before morning, and when I would get up to go, I would be wide awake by the time I got back into bed. With the diaper, I sleep better, even if I go three or four times before morning. I get a good nights sleep, plus I enjoy wearing the diapers!

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    I have a sleep disorder which causes bed wetting so I'm not the best judge. I would say since it seems you are getting a better nights sleep then how can it be a bad thing. I use Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Underwear at night because they are very thick and absorbant for people like me who end up wetting multiple times a night. I'm not sure if I helped or not but I'm pleased to have met you. :-)

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    Well if it isnt giving you any problems keep it up. If set it up right i can wet the bed and sleep through it without waking up.

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    yes i sleep in diapers, and wet and sometimes go poopy. mmm, i love the smell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garurumon View Post
    i love wetting diapers while i sleep
    Me too, but for some reason it is harder to me to pee laying down, I need to either sit down or stand up. I've also been lacking of diapers recently, so... I think I have to save some money and go shopping.

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    I am close to the same. When I started using a CPAP, every time I would get out of bed to go pee, I couldn't go back to sleep. So when I started wearing diapers to be, I would just let lose in the diaper and fall back to sleep. For me, sleep is very important and if sleeping in diapers is what helps me get the sleep I need, then in diapers I go.

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    I wet while I'm asleep. And sometimes I can just recall that I was nearly awake when I wet.
    Then it is a good thing that I was wearing diapers, because there is no way I could hold it.

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    I sleep with diapers reasonably often, I can pee in bed (when really tired or relaxed) or sitting (its easier).

    Only recently have I been able to sleep with a wet diaper on tho. Normally I would eventually get up and change myself. Im finding now I can sleep right through until morning.

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