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Thread: Making fox tail and ears- suggestions needed-updated!

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    Default Making fox tail and ears- suggestions needed-updated!

    Before anyone jumps on the bandwagon and yells for me to look at the fursuit journal on livejournal, I already have. I've looked at tutorials and such, but I'd like to hear some first hand help here.

    I'm going to be making some fox ears to place on a headband, and a fox tail. I know the actual procedure to make the ears, I watched a nice video, but I dont know how to actually put them on the headband itself.

    I also dont know exactly how to make the tail, I can't find easy to understand instructions.

    I need to know where I can locally find the fur needed...would Micheal's be a possibility? Joan's fabric has been closed down for months, I dont know if Walmart has anything fabric related, or anything nearbye.

    I've got other questions too but they slipped my mind atm. Does anyone have any real, firsthand tips or anything? x3

    also: mom said she'll be buying it because it's my "halloween costume". XD so yeah. x3
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    Can't really help you on the tail, but for the ears, you could make them a slight hollow, and inner-stitch them on a double-fold at the seam to make the seam/stitch invisible and yet keep it firmly attached.


    half a year of Home Ec, 7th grade =P

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    Hi! I'm in the process of building my first fursuit too, so i would say...

    One idea that might work is you could get some wire; such as dandy-line or anchor line at your local hardware store for a few bucks; it is this easily moldable wire. You could then drill some holes in the headband; and use the wire to make a mold for the ears, securring the wire by bending the bottoms to match the headband, and using tape to secure them. Then you can get some fur (michaels might work; I just got some good fur at joann's lastnight, but ebay may also work well; I just ordered some off of there too. And wrap the fur arround and secure it with glue.

    I haven't made a tail yet so I donno on that at the momment... Good Luck & Have Fun

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    well I found a good tutorial that explains that all I have to do for the ear cartilige is get thick felt and glue it inside. Making the ears I have no problem with, mandy's link seems like it'll help a lot. It's just the tail- and making a seperate tail is different than making one to go on a fursuit IMO.

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    A tail.

    You'll need the following things:
    A wire coat hanger
    Fabric for the tail

    1- Bend the coat hanger so it's a straight line

    2 Measure out a length of fabric, and draw the tail shape on it.
    If it's fur, make sure the fur points toward the bottom of the tail. The side that you want on the outside should have inward
    The shape of the tail should be roughly straight aside from bulging of the tail; your going to be bending the hangar afterward to make a curve.

    3- Once satisfied with the shape, cut the tail out.
    Make sure to go about a few CMs around the outline so you have more room to sew it together.
    Remember that you can fold the fabric over itself to make two duplicates to stitch together, but make sure both sides have the fur facing down.
    After your done that, sew the two halves together, but make sure to leave a gap large enough to fit your arm through at the top end. Your going to use this to feed the coat hangar and stuffing through.

    4- Turn the tail inside out.
    If you've done it correctly, the fur should now be on the outside.

    5-Stuff the tail, and feed the coat hangar through.
    This is pretty self-explanatory.

    6-Sew the opening shut.
    This is when you attach the belt loop. Simply add a loop of fabric, but make sure it's firmly attached. You can also make a loop out of the tip of the coat hangar for added stability, in which case be sure to encase it in fabric to hide the hangar.

    7- Finally, bend the tail into the desired shape.
    The hangar will make it keep it's shape

    And that's basically all there is too it.

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    thank you! my friend thought about using the wire from a weed eater since it's a bit more flexible- think that'd work too?

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    Yeah I would think the weed eatter wire would work, the only thing is it isn't really all that bendable; I mean like for the tips of the ears it would be pretty round I would think; but you could also solve that by cutting a triangular shape with the main color of fur, and then leave a bit extra on the top, fold the fur arround the wire mold into a triangle and leave a bit on the top that is above the wire and secure it all with glue. And what I did on my ears, is do that with the fold in the middle facing forewards, and then glues in a smaller white fur triangle in the middle to both cover up the fold line and to give it a cool effect.

    Remember the most important parts of making a fursuit is to: A. Have lots of fun! B. Be creative and express yourself! Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

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    Sila, can we expect updated pictures of this project as it develops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sila View Post
    thank you! my friend thought about using the wire from a weed eater since it's a bit more flexible- think that'd work too?
    Dunno. I have no idea what a weed eater is.

    But it you can bend it and it keeps it's shape, and isn't too light or thin, it should work.

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