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Thread: An interesting insight into how fetishes can develop

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    Default An interesting insight into how fetishes can develop

    I don't want to give an exact description of my masturbation ritual, and I'm sure no one wants me to. But there are a few details you need to know for this thread to make sense, so please bear with me.

    Ever since I started masturbating, I've always done it by grabbing the front of my underwear and pulling it down. This puts my thumb in a position where it's pressing against the area between my legs, and pulls the waistband of my underwear tight around the area between my balls and my legs.

    And over time I guess I've begun to associate the stimulation of those areas with sexual stimulation, and it's become sort of a fetish for me. I find it hard to masturbate without this nowadays; I can - and I try to sometimes to make sure I don't come totally dependent on it - but whenever I do I get a strong urge to grab my underwear and put it in this position.

    And now it's evolved from this into really liking the sensation of anything thick and warm held tightly between my legs. Something like... diapers! I know this isn't the sole reason for my love of diapers - I liked them long before I even knew about masturbation. But I can't deny that it's somehow contributed.

    So I have to wonder... do all fetishes - or indeed, do any fetishes - come about by associating them with sexual feelings? I doubt everyone here is a DL because they masturbated in diapers all the time when they were kids, but perhaps there could be some sexual experience that became associated with diapers?

    And I also have to ask: does anyone else have some weird things they associate with masturbating that have evolved into a fetish, or is it just me?

    And one more question: is there anyone here that studies psychology? If there is, is this actually how the mind works, or am I just making this all up?

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    Personally, I think all fetishes come about from association, subconsciously or otherwise. I don't feel anyone is born into anything, but they come about from all the happenings in their life up until their point of realisation. My love of diapers stems partly from the fact I'm slightly compulsive when it comes to how things look, visually. I'm in no way interested in the person wearing the diaper, but rather how the diaper itself looks on someone. It's a bit hard to explain, so I hope you understand that.

    And to answer your last two questions,

    1. Not really. I've always just done it because I've felt like it or just needed a bit of a release from any stress. No habits have really come about from that. I don't have any particular things I need to do, or things I need to have.

    2. I'm not a psychologist. So I just assume everything I know, with a touch of logic to give it a basis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack26 View Post
    And I also have to ask: does anyone else have some weird things they associate with masturbating that have evolved into a fetish, or is it just me?
    I wouldn't say anything has evolved into a fetish for me, but I have found that it's very difficult to masturbate in a position that I'm not used to. I don't want to get too descriptive, so I'll just say if I'm doing it differently I do get the urge to change back. I've never actually tried to fight that urge off, it's never worried me that much, but that I think about it maybe I should try...

    I think that some fetishes may well develop this way, it makes sense really because it's like positive association. If you always do a certain thing while you orgasm, I think it makes sense to think that you would learn to associate that thing with the orgasm. Although I think this theory only really works with simple physical fetishes, rather than emotional ones.

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    i'm almost certain that the fact that i wore diapers to bed every night until i was nearly 6 has something to do with my becomming a DL. kids that age definitely get erections, and i must have come to associate the pleasure of that experience with wearing diapers. that's probably not the only explanation, but i'm sure it's part of it.

    if i recall from high school psychology, we're talking about behavioral theory. it all goes back to pavlov's dogs, who salivated when he rang a little bell.

    if that was all there was too it, however, then every bedwetter would become a DL. there must be a lot of other complicated forces at play that predispose you to find sexual satisfaction in something other than the opposite gender.

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    i took psychology last semester, and Freud has some good explanations. he believed that the subconscious mind controlled all of your desires, especially sexual ones. anything than is not socially accepted, but still wanted, is pushed into the subconscious mind. the subconscious mind will also sometimes try to push itself into reality, causing "inappropriate" desires. masturbation being not socially accepted, it's pushed into your subconscious mind. and, sense diapers aren’t socially accepted, they are too sent to the subconscious mind. when you want to wear diapers, its your subconscious mind trying to make itself present, and if wearing them feels like when your masturbating, and that too is in your subconscious mind, it makes sense that you'll get the urge to do both at the same time. and isn't that basically what a fetish is?

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    I wouldn't call this a fetish, but...

    As it was stated in the other Masturbation thread, I discovered it around the age of 4 - 5.

    And as I said, the gears and plumbing down there didn't work, so I had my own "technique" of masturbation that I won't delve into. But to make it short, It's possible for me to ejaculate and reach orgasm without having an erect penis. Such are the oddities of being me.

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    I think it's totally possible. Babies touch themselves and have orgasms to, if a baby was feeling some sort of sexual feeling, and this feeling had a tangible quality that links itself to diapers, a fetish could develop.

    Also keep in mind, that the first 2 years of our life are the most important when it comes to who we are and personality.

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    Freud made the Psychosexual Stages of Development. it's about the sexual development in babies through adulthood. it's kind of creapy untill its explained, and i don't have time to explain it. but i found a sight that has them all listed and explained. click here to see it.

    basically ther's the oral stage, anal stage, phallic stage, latency period, and Genital stage. i'm not going to go into explaining them, just go to the sight.

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    Babies touch themselves and have orgasms too
    Ok... ?

    Hate to ask, but where did you learn this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Alex View Post
    Ok... ?

    Hate to ask, but where did you learn this.
    It's pretty readily available information. This is just one of many links about it:,1510,3944,00.html

    Weird, but there it is. The more you know...the harder you may find it to sleep at night.

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