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Thread: Installing Ubuntu 7.10

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    Default Installing Ubuntu 7.10

    Kill. Me.

    Windows XP O/S, 256MB nVidia video card, 1GB ram, and wanting to use a 10GB partition.

    Okay, the BIOS boots (first screen that comes up), boots into CD Ubuntu menu, I choose Start or Install (first option), it goes into the next loading screen (orange bar goes back and forth), goes into the text loading screen (Loading XXX [OK]), and freezes.

    I downloaded Feisty Fawn, it worked until "Loading Enterprise (what ever what ever what ever) _" and then it freezes.

    I have burned around 10 ISO's so far, TRYING to get Linux to work on my Windows 95 machine, and 3 today trying to get it onto my laptop!



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    You're trying the latest ubuntu on a Windows 95 machine? well there's your problem...

    Try using the Alternate Install disk on your laptop to install Ubuntu to it, instead of the LiveCD.

    Also, look into a light distro for your Win95 box.

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    I tried Ubuntu on my old PC. Didn't work at all. Then I tried Xubuntu. Didn't work either. I guess 128 MB of ram just isn't enough

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    7.10 -- TEXT INSTALLER

    I don't wanna use my whole HD, and I wont want any of my data to be gone either...Any help there?


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    The built in partition editor will allow you to resize your current partiton and allow you to make another for Ubuntu.

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