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Thread: World of Warcraft fan.

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    Talking World of Warcraft fan.

    hi, I'm new here and am looking to meet people with similar interests. other than the obvious interest that brought me to this site I also love to play video games. I would love to talk to people in Azeroth. I sound like a bigger nerd here than I actually . lol 8-) look at my page to know a bit more about as I don't want to keep repeating myself. thank you for reading.

    EDIT: forgot to add I only play Horde. If you've ever played WoW you should know how the other faction can really get on your nerves from BGs, or more often just camping your body.
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    Heh welcome! Ive been playing world of warcraft for like 2 years now. I got like 4 pieces of t7.5 at the moment. But i gave it up since its leeching time out of my day. We can't have that can we?

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    Hello WoW fan. Good to see you, welcome to the ever-expanding club.

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    Welcome aboard!

    WoW is mostly dead for me I've been playing since launch, including hardcore raiding for the first 2 years. Graduated and got a job, got married, and pretty much lost the time and interest to keep dumping into the game. It seems to have started to flounder a bit though. I'm really hoping Diablo3 comes out and gives me something to do.

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    Hey, my fellow gamer! I'm a (female) gamer myself, and a fellow Persona 4, Mario, and Ratchet and Clank player. 8D I'm a pretty big geek myself.

    Anywho, you may call me Scritcher - or Syd. I'm a furry, and, currently, I've been experimenting with my Teen Baby/Babyfur side as well. I hope you have a good time here; this place is pretty friendly.

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    Default Server

    I'm on the Eredar server since it is in my timezone.

    If you play Alliance, I WILL camp you for 6 hours :P lol

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    I am on Kael'Thas as a Gnome Death Knight named DeathbeJack.

    But any who a very warm Welcome to ADISC.ORG

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