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    Hey everyone I'm new here and I just figured out how to make threads. Not much to say about me but if you want to know just ask and I will awnser. also I have bad spelling so if you can't read something just tell me and I will see if I can spell it better.

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    Welcome to ADISC!!!

    Do you have any hobbies?
    If so, what is/are your hobbies?
    Are you a diaper lover, teen/adult baby or a babyfur?
    What is 1+1?

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    yes I do.

    I collect any thing to do with Lord Of The Rings (I'm a lotr geek).

    I'm a diaper lover more than a teen baby and I just got into babyfurs and love it .

    2 lol

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    The book's where good and that is comeing form a kid that dispizes reading. lol

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    i have all 3 special addition of those on DVD and really loved the movies, my mate is more into it then i am but it's nice to see another geek around here. im more into D&D and fantasy type stuff. but welcome to the site and hope u have a good tour around the place and enjoy the site. really really enjoy it myself.

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    Thanks I am ganna buy the extended versions my self off of e bay and maby even sting

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    A nice warm welcome to ADISC, dont worry about spelling cause we all make mistakes once in a while, heck even my spelling sometime gets off track ^_^.

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    yeah but I make then all the

    (almost put make as meke wrighting this)

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    Welcome Nativej,
    Best Wishes, I like your avatar, it's got personality. I read Lord of the rings and the Hobbitt many years ago when I was in eigth grade. I loved them but gollum scared me.

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