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Thread: Hello I'm Clarissa

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    Default Hello I'm Clarissa

    I've been wearing diapers for 2 years plus nowe, firstly huggies pull ups and now any Tena diapers. Would love to chat to femal DLs (not babies) around 12 to 18.

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    Explain it all to me, please.

    (Also, it's not very smart to ask for young females. That is extremely suspect and we are not a personals site).

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    Default ?

    What's wrong with looking for girls?

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    Well, we're a community of both boys and girls.

    There have in the past been perverts who come online looking only for young girls, so as a general rule we treat people asking only for young females with a little bit of suspicion, just to protect our younger female members. It's nothing personal towards you

    Why don't you tell us a bit more about yourself. So far we know you're into diapers (which is such a surprise considering the website!!) so.. tell us about YOU.

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    On top of what Talula has already said:

    Asking for a specific gender, in a specific age range, with a specific interest (DL, not AB) makes us think that you have the wrong impression of this site.

    ADISC is not a dating service. It is never advertised as a place to meet future lovers.

    We're a support community, and that's all we promise to be. By trying to find girls to talk to you, it makes it seem as if you're only here to get a date, rather than to actually be a part of the community.

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    Being part of the community helps you find mates... in that particularly unlikely event. We don't capture potential mates for you, and present them to your tent, washed and ready; we suggest you to review their taste in entertainment, music, furry art and so on first. You could travel around, trying out the rep system, making links, using spoilers and so on to begin:
    Then you will meet the high standards of our mates on offer: such as they may be. We are not a dating site, though dating can occur.

    Wait until joining the ranks of regulars for a whole new whack of people to be visible.
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    I am looking for girls my age or around my age (14) and if you want to talk about peverts there are tons of fetish comments on this site

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    *Slow synister voice* Hello Clarece...

    Oh wait, it's Clarissa? Damn...
    Hi anyway then...

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