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Thread: Review: Target "Affirm" Super Plus absorbancy

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    Default Review: Target "Affirm" Super Plus absorbancy


    I've been using Bambino's pretty regularly, and have been really happy with them. I don't have much experience with other brands. I do not wear 24/7.

    I just got home from a 3500 mile road trip, on which I didn't bring any diapers, because I didn't want to explain to anyone. After dropping off the people I was supposed to drop off, I had a 1300 mile return trip, which I was doing alone. At this point, I was really wishing I had brought my diapers with me, so I decided to see what the local store had. I had heard less than positive reviews of Depends, and as this was the only other diaper in the store, I got it (only later to find out that it's Target's store brand knock off of Depends)

    I payed $12 for an 18 pack of small/medium

    I'm a 32" waist, and found that these seemed to fit very "comfortably" which is to say, they didn't feel like they were tight enough to prevent leaks. I later found this to be an unfounded worry. They are a pull on diaper, which I found to be far less convenient for discrete changes than a taped diaper which I can swap out without taking off my pants, shoes etc.

    They also have a large, soft waistband which compresses the abdomen slightly. I would have thought this would make it easier for me to pee, but apparently it makes it slightly more difficult, and I ended up having to pull the band away, and let my belly relax to start going. These are very comfortable for adult activities, standing, walking, running, and provide no interference. When dry, they feel similar to regular tighty-whities.

    Odor canceling:

    They are supposed to be odor canceling, and this seems to be done using a mild but persistent ammonia impregnated in the absorbent portion. After a few hundred miles, this scent started to permeate my car.

    They seemed so flimsy by comparison to my Bambino's that I started off with 2 of them, and still couldn't trust them enough to go in the car, so I stopped off at a near empty rest stop, and sat down with my diapers still on and just let go, to see how soon they would flood. They captured everything, and when I separated the diapers to see how much had leaked through, I was pleasantly surprised to find the inner diaper contained it all. At this point it felt like I was carrying one of those gel stress tubes between my legs, as I had had quite a wetting, and it was all contained in a near cylindrical repository, which didn't pull down too much on the diapers, but was definitely noticeable to me, if not to others. I removed the inner diaper, and put another on over the new inner diaper just as a safety measure in case this time was a freak chance, and headed down the road.

    After going through 5 of them (and no small amount of water) I am pretty confident in their ability to hold the type of medium stream I can generate while driving. They are definitely 1 wetting diapers, but seem to be able to hold 1 medium to strong wetting just fine.

    After about 4 hours I began to have a mild burning on the tip. I have not worn this long at any point before so I can not say if this is related to these specific diapers (perhaps the ammonia or ammonia-like-substance in the padding?), or to diapers in general, or to my on and off state of arousal causing fluids to get down the wrong pipe, or merely to my ever so wonderful roadtrip diet. I took them off for about 100 miles, and the irritation eventually went away, and then I diapered up again with no further problems.

    I'm back from my trip, showered, and in bed enjoying one of them right now. I think I'll stick with my Bambinos most of the time, but for a random shopping trip to the store, I'm pretty happy with these.

    Were I stuck buying from a store, I think I could content myself with these for some time.

    Hope this review helps, now I'm going to get some sleep.

    -- t

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    Interesting, now try depends max.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnathon View Post
    Interesting, now try depends max.

    ugh. I have these because walgreens brand was out of the adjustable briefs. They do absorb nicely (nicely being about three small wettings, possibly one big one), but they're completely indiscreet, they're uncomfortable to wear, and the tapes are horrible too.

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    I was always wondering about Affirm. If they aren't that bad (and cheap, too!) I might buy some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnathon View Post
    Interesting, now try depends max.

    Cool, I'll go get a pack tomorrow and give them a shot. I'll post to this thread with an update to compare and contrast. If it turns out they're the exact same, I'll let you know. =)

    -- t

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