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    Well, I have had my sample pack for a few days now and I must say i like the xplus more than the supers b/c...the super tend to leak on me...badly. I doesn't seem like the diaper is dispersing the pee to the back of the diaper at all. In fact it stops around the lower butt and won't go back unless i sit down, which then forces a really bad leak.

    Also, what is the best way to tape up the super? I have been doing it like having the top tapes taped normally, but the bottom ones i tape in a downward motion so they almost rap around my legs. And they seem to stretch out and cause leakage.

    So, overall I am not happy with the supers. How different are the extras compared to the supers???

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    Well the supers hold less to start off. The diapers snug fit is a curcial way to prevent leaks. With abenas i have the tapes point at an up angle. That makes it so the diaper is tight and snug around my legs. That SHOULD help with the leaks. You have to be careful with loaded ones while sitting down. I had that problem with a maxed outish x+. Luckly i had a towel under me. But think that would happen to any diaper if you wet it enough.

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    da na naa na na na naaa naaa na na na mm mm mm my Abena's!

    (too the tune of "My Sharona") Sorry...had to be done :p


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